Walmart Exclusive Funko Vintage Star Wars POP Vinyls 3-Pack!

It was less than a week ago that fans were requesting vintage toy-colored Star Wars POP Vinyls on forums and social media, leading Funko CEO Brian Mariotti to tease that we’d be seeing that fan request “soon”–but I don’t think anyone realized how soon! Always eager to please collectors, Funko has officially revealed their upcoming Walmart Exclusive Funko Vintage Star Wars POP Vinyls figures of Greedo, Hammerhead and the first-ever Walrus Man POP Vinyl!


When Funko shipped out the Smuggler’s Bounty Cantina Box that I reviewed last year, I was positively baffled by the omission of a Ponda Baba POP Vinyls figure to complement the new Action Pose Obi-Wan Kenobi POP in the box.

At that time, I speculated that Funko must be planning a mass release for POP Walrusman. Well, I had to wait more than half a year for it, but the figure I had anticipated is finally coming out–but in a totally different way than I expected! vintage-toy-colors-funko-star-wars-pop-vinyls-greedo-ponda-babaYes, Funko Walrus Man is coming–in his vintage toy colors, as part of what’s expected to be a Walmart Exclusive Star Wars POP Vinyls Vintage Cantina 3-Pack with the two other most famous Cantina aliens not named Chewbacca: Greedo and Momaw Nadon (Hammerhead)!

Considering that Funko is the King of Exclusives and Variants, I probably should have foreseen repainted Star Wars POPs in toy colors as an inevitability, but until this past week, it honestly never crossed my mind.

walmart-exclusive-funko-star-wars-cantina-3-pack-revealedThe exclusive Funko Vintage Hammerhead, Greedo and Ponda Baba POP Vinyls were revealed over Twitter tonight by Lucasfilm Creative Director Matt Martin of fame. According to Martin, the Vintage Cantina Alien POPs 3-Pack should be a Walmart Exclusive available later this year.

Funko Blue Snaggletooth POP Vinyl Chase Variant Box

These figures will follow in the spiritual footsteps of the Smuggler’s Bounty exclusive Blue Snaggletooth Chase POP Vinyl figure that sells for $50+ on the aftermarket today. Thankfully, these figures will be a regular exclusive release and not crazy chases like Blue Snaggletooth was (Hallelujah!).

While there are no other Kenner-colored Vintage Star Wars figures announced at this time, I could definitely see some of the more “unique” Kenner colorations finding their way into the POP Vinyls line down the road, including yellow-haired Tatooine Luke Skywalker and Evil Orange-Eyed Yoda (with Snake!).

funko-hammerhead-pop-vinyl-walmart-exclusive-vintage-colorsThere are no other details regarding these new Star Wars POP Vinyls available at this time, but I’ll update here and on the Star Wars Toy News Facebook Page once more information is available.

What do you think about old POP Star Wars figures being brought back in their original Kenner toy colors, Star Wars collectors? Are you interested in seeing more figures like these (including bleach-blonde Luke Skywalker), or are you satisfied with the existing versions of these characters (as well as hopefully a movie Ponda Baba)?


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  1. These look really cool. Hope they make more vintage style figures and Cantina aliens.