Target Funko POP Young Anakin Skywalker Released!

I’ve been going a little crazy toy hunting for the past week because my absolute favorite Star Wars character ever is finally appearing in POP form. That’s right: Darth Vader… as a really annoying 10 year-old! Funko has been showing prequel lovers some love this year with three exclusive Star Wars POPs from the prequels. Thankfully, unlike Qui-Gon Jinn, we won’t have to win a lottery and fight a mob to get this one: it’s the Funko Young Anakin Skywalker POP Vinyls figure!

Funko Anakin Skywalker POP Vinyls Released

I feel no shame at the fact that my favorite Star Wars movie is Episode I: The Phantom Menace, nor at the fact that my favorite character in that movie is Jake Lloyd’s brilliantly-played kid Anakin Skywalker (remember, kids: every character is somebody’s favorite!).

So my jaw almost fell through the floor in the fall when word leaked out that the first non-Vader Anakin Skywalker POP Vinyl ever was on the way–in his youngest and most unpopular form!

Back of Funko Young Anakin Skywalker BoxAnd (thank God), the POP Young Anakin Skywalker figure isn’t going to be anywhere near as difficult to acquire as the NYCC 2016 Exclusive Qui-Gon Jinn POP Vinyl or even the Walgreens exclusive General Grievous POP. No, little Ani is available from my absolute favorite place for Funko exclusives: Target!

Funko Star Wars Exclusive Kid Anakin Skywalker POPIn almost every case, Target gets plenty of their exclusives, and Anakin is no exception. I had to hit stores all week waiting for his arrival, but there were piles of everyone’s favorite Star Wars youngster available once he finally hit my area this weekend.

Box Side Young Anakin Skywalker Funko POP VinylsEven though this figure is exclusive to Target stores, it is a unique figure and not a variant or repaint, so kid Anakin Skywalker gets his own unique numbering designation of #162 in the Star Wars range.


But of course, being a small child, little Ani shouldn’t be traveling to Target stores all across the country by himself! And so, a super-surprise addition to the Star Wars Force Awakens POP series has arrived alongside kid Anakin: Rey… in Finn’s Jacket (or is it Poe’s Jacket?).

Honestly, I was totally taken aback by the existence of this particular POP Vinyl figure. I feel like Funko is really reaching at this point as far as new POPs for TFA go. I actually had to bust out my Episode VII Blu Ray just to make sure that there actually was a scene in the movie where Rey gets this jacket temporarily…!

It’s good that it’s the holiday season, because this is a POP! Vinyl that would probably warm shelves any other time of year, exclusive or no.

target-exclusive-rey-pop-vinyl-with-finns-jacketThe Target Exclusive Funko POP Vinyls Young Anakin Skywalker and Rey in Finn’s Jacket POPs are now shipping to Target stores nationwide in full and mixed cases. This is an instance where I think there will be ample supply to meet the demand of Star Wars POP collectors everywhere, so if you check your local store regularly, you shouldn’t have any troubles snagging them for yourself.

What do you think of the last two Funko Target Exclusive Star Wars POP Vinyls of 2016? Will you be picking up either of these POPs for your own collection, or are these selections not to your tastes?

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