Target Exclusive Rogue One Black Series 3-Pack Released!

Later waves of Star Wars Rogue One figures have slowly but surely been tricking out ever since Force Friday. And while the Walmart Black Series Scarif Trooper figure has yet to appear, Target’s exclusive 3-Pack has been hitting stores for about a week now! If you want a Black Series Cassian Andor in his captain’s jacket, Target is the place to get it. But you’re going to have to pay extra for it–and the price is a remixed Death Trooper and yet another Jyn Erso repack…

Rogue One Black Series 3-PackTarget accidentally leaked what most collectors had already expected during the buildup to Force Friday–the fact that a Captain Cassian Andor Black Series 6″ figure in his casual, non-Eadu clothes would be released as a store exclusive after Rogue Friday.

But what fans found out later was that the exclusive Cassian Andor wouldn’t be part of a two-pack like last year’s Poe Dameron was–he’d be in a three-pack…

Target 3-Pack Exclusive Jyn Erso Black Series FigureThat’s right, the same Jyn Erso figure that was released as a SDCC 2016 exclusive and then was available as part of Rogue One Black Series Wave 1 is back–and she’s a required purchase to get the exclusive Andor. Weak.

Box Back Target Rogue One 3-PackI have a feeling that Hasbro is afraid to not include a Jyn figure in every multipack after last year’s #WheresRey ridiculousness, but it’s still upsetting to be forced to buy the exact same figure again. This certainly never happens in the Hasbro Marvel Legends line.

Target Exclusive Cassian Andor Black Series 6" FigureEven so, the other two figures in this pack are pretty good. While some may find the standard Captain Cassian Andor in jacket a little bit boring, I really dig his style in this jacket and much prefer this to the Eadu version.

Black Series Death Trooper Specialist 6" FigureMeanwhile, we get our first Death Trooper variant in this pack–a Black Series Death Trooper Specialist with extra gear on! I sort of prefer the sleekness of be regular version, but it’ll be nice to spice up the shelf with something different.

Target Exclusive Star Wars Black Series Rogue One 3-Pack PriceBack in the day, we might get lucky and get a little discount when buying multipacks. Three figures costing $20 each might cost $50 as a three-pack. Sadly, that is not this day. Instead, the three pack is carrying an MSRP of $59.99, which actually makes the three figures included cost two pennies more than buying individual figures. So much for a discount.

On the bright side, at least the set is five bucks off this week! On the down side, I imagine we all have paid for that Jyn Erso Black Series already. Alas.

Target Star Wars 6" Black Series Rogue One Three-Pack PackagedThe Target Star Wars 6″ Black Series Rogue One 3-Pack Exclusive is now available at Target stores nationwide, where it’s currently on sale for a penny under 55 bucks. To my surprise, these actually seem to be selling swiftly at all my local stores, but I’ll be trying my luck and hoping to snag one on clearance myself.

What are your thoughts on this Rogue One Black Series 3-Pack, Star Wars collectors? Are you cool with a total repack of a just-released figure being in this set, and are you planning to pick it up at full price?


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  1. Well, considering last year’s Poe 2-pack is STILL on Target shelves, you probably have a good shot at getting one of these on clearance!!