Target Exclusive Black Series AT-ACT Driver 6″ Figure Released!

Target may have intended to hold onto their Hasbro Star Wars Rogue One AT-ACT Driver exclusive figure until they could launch it on a major endcap a few weeks from now, but as is so often the case with Target exclusives, that’s not how it’s shaking out. Shipments are beginning to arrive, and the 6″ Black Series AT-ACT Driver figure is selling for double and triple his price on the aftermarket already. Want to use the DPCI to get your own 6″ AT-ACT Driver for retail? Read on…

Star Wars Black Series AT-ACT Driver Target Exclusive Figure ReleasedOne of the bigger Star Wars surprises that Hasbro had at New York Toy Fair 2017 (or at least, it would have been if an store online database hadn’t leaked it) was one more figure being released in the Black Series Rogue One 6″ figures lineup: the last new trooper type in Rogue One, the AT-ACT Driver!

While the chances of a 6″ scale Black Series AT-ACT vehicle being released are about as high as the chances of a life-size one being released by Toyota (zero), collectors like to have every type of Imperial Troop, and they’re going to get their shot at the AT-ACT Driver Black Series figure–as an exclusive.

I think Hasbro is playing it really smart by making this AT-ACT Driver available as a single-packed retailer exclusive. This “blink-and-you-missed-him” (I did miss seeing him in Rogue One) character would rot off the shelves with a mass release, so a more limited run is definitely for the best.

Target AT-ACT Driver Black Series Exclusive Figure ReleasedIn addition, those collectors who want at least one of each Imperial Trooper can easily snag an AT-ACT Driver this way, and army-builders can stock up on as many as they want–whereas this character just isn’t significant enough (or at all) to sell a multipack with repacks in the way Cassian Andor did.

Although the Black Series Rogue One AT-ACT Driver action figure was meant to be used as an anchor for an upcoming Star Wars Toys endcap, the shipments are arriving now, which means that collectors–and scalpers–can use the DPCI number to fetch the figure from the back.

Unlike general assortments of the Black Series, the Target AT-ACT Driver has a unique DPCI: 087-06-1115. You can enter this number on the BrickSeek website to see how many (if any) of the exclusive are in-stock at your local store before heading out, and you can also use the number at the customer service desk (by asking nicely) to have the figure brought out to you from the back if it’s not out on the shelves yet.

Rogue One AT-ACT Driver Six Inch Figure Black Series TargetWhile the Target exclusive AT-ACT Driver 6″ figure is being scalped for triple its MSRP online right now, please don’t feed the scalpers. This figure should be very easy to pick up for the retail price within the next few weeks. Anyone who pays a huge markup for this toy now is going to be very miffed at this time next month.

Now that he’s officially shipping to stores, what’s your verdict on the AT-ACT Driver, Star Wars collectors? Are you going on a hardcore hunt for this figure, waiting to see if he gets marked down to sale prices, or passing on this obscure Imperial Trooper altogether?

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