Star Wars Rogue One Black Series AT-ACT Driver Figure Review

When Hasbro first announced the Star Wars Black Series AT-ACT figure was coming out last month, I was like “What a stupid character. I don’t need that!” And yet, just two days after sightings of the figure started to appear in stores, here we are. I admit it: I’m weak. Regardless, the Target Exclusive AT-ACT Driver Black Series figure has now joined my collection, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t post a review and photos so you can decide if adding him is right for your collection…

Hasbro AT-ACT Driver Black Series 6" Figure ReviewThe Right:

As I’ve admitted a couple times now, I’ve never actually seen the AT-ACT Driver in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. That will change when the Blu Ray hits in another week, but for now, this guy’s existence is all merch and hearsay to me.

Of course, never having spotted a character in the film before (I’m talking about you, R3-T7) has never stopped me from buying an action figure of said character before, so why should it start to both me now?

Target Black Series AT-ACT Driver Cases on Pegs at TargetAnd so, as soon as BrickSeek showed that a nearby(-ish) Target had the AT-ACT Driver DPCI 087-06-1115 in stock this morning, I shot over to pick out the one I liked best of the eleven (yes, eleven) that they had on-hand. Based on the huge numbers of these already being found in stores, it’s pretty clear this Hasbro exclusive isn’t gonna be rare. Thumbs up, Hasbro.

Comparison of Rogue One Black Series AT-ACT Driver and Shore TrooperIf you own any of the Black Series Scarif Trooper (AKA Shore Trooper) figures that hit stores late last year, then you’re familiar with this mold. The AT-ACT Pilot is a re-colored Shoretrooper in the movie, and he’s accurately such here as well. Other than having a different belt, this is the exact same figure repainted.

Comparison of Black Series Scarif Trooper and AT-ACT Pilot Black Series FiguresLuckily, I love the Black Series Shore Trooper figure, and it’s one of the very few Star Wars Black Series figures that I’ve army-built (which, in my case, means I bought 3).

Black Series Star Wars AT-ACT Driver Six Inch FigureThe new white and black color scheme of the Black Series AT-ACT Driver makes the design feel reminiscent of both the OT Biker Scout and AT-AT Driver, both of which nostalgic favorites of mine from yesteryear.

Black Series AT-ACT Driver ReviewEven though this guy drives a really big bus (okay, walker), Hasbro still put a lot of weathering on his armor, and I think it looks excellent. I had plenty of this figure in front of me to choose from–and I went for the one that look dirtiest–but all of the options available had terrific-looking paint deco.

AT-ACT Driver Black Series Figure with Blaster in Bubble PackagingThe Black Series 6″ AT-ACT Driver comes with one accessory: the same blaster as the Scarif Trooper, but with different colors. It’s black with some slight silver paint added, and looks just fine.

Black Series Rogue One ATACT Driver Figure Articulationhe only area where I think some folks may find this toy lacking is the articulation. There’s no swivel waist or boots or biceps, there’s no double-jointed elbows… but in the case of this character, is that really an issue? It isn’t for me, but your tolerance for not-quite-super-articulated vehicle drivers may vary.

Star Wars Rogue One AT-ACT Driver Figure BoxThe Wrong:

Y’know, I love nitpicking, but I’m really not sure what I should be complaining about in this instance. This figure has vastly more articulation than necessary to reenact what he does in the movie (ie nothing), and I think the repaint actually makes him look cooler than the Shoretrooper figures we did get. Even the exclusive nature of this action figure was a smart decision.

Other than the fact that this poor guy will leave some collectors pining for a 6″ Black Series AT-ACT vehicle that is never going to happen, there’s really not a thing here that I can think of to be salty about.

Rogue One Black Series AT-ACT Driver and Scarif Trooper 6" FiguresOverall: This Rogue One Black Series AT-ACT Driver figure might be just a repaint of the Shoretrooper, but it turns out to be a great-looking toy that will get more action than the character ever did in the Rogue One movie. Not every collector is going to feel the need to own a $20 six inch version of this particular ultra-obscure trooper, but even as a former naysayer, I really dig this 6″ AT-ACT Driver. An excellent figure of a character I never thought I wanted a toy of.



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    • Thanks for the time stamp! I knew he was there, but I just didn’t spot him in my viewings of the movie!

  1. I think there’s a link to the decline of the SW line, as a whole, since the dawn of TBS6, mainly because it’s caused Hasbro’s focus to shift to other products besides the one that got it all started, the 3.75″ line.

    I’ve never been able to get into TBS from the start. The poor paint applications out of the gate; terrible Leia figures; an incorrectly-scaled R2-D2; the failure to produce a vac-metalized C-3PO…on and on. Then there’s the dreadfully slow process of putting out relevant figures (to a current movie or event—like 40th Anniv) while trying to fill in gaps, or essentially playing catch-up with the 3.75″ line’s collective offerings. You could argue that 3.75″ and TBS6 COMPETE against each other. But the biggest reason I can’t buy TBS6? The atrocious lack of vehicles with which the figures can interact! So far, we’ve gotten a speeder bike? And the giant, clearance store TFA TIE fighter?

    You may have given the Hovertank pilot an “A,” but you’ll never see a 6-in scaled hovertank, sadly.