Star Wars Celebration Orlando LEGO Exclusive Set Revealed!

We’re into the single digits–as of writing, we’re just 9 days away from the beginning of Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017! And with just over a week until the event begins, we’ve finally got news of what’s expected to be the last major exclusive announced for the event: the LEGO Star Wars Detention Block Rescue set! This is definitely a sweet little brick-built scene, but if you want one, it won’t be obtained just by strolling up to the LEGO booth casually…

Star Wars Celebration Orlando LEGO Detention Block Escape Set

Historically, The LEGO Group is among the last companies to announce what exclusives they’d have available each year at San Diego Comic-Con, Star Wars Celebration and New York Comic-Con. And it looks like once again, TLG is sticking with tradition this year, as they’ve finally announced their own Celebration Orlando Exclusive after every other major Star Wars licensee!

But while we’re hearing about it a bit late, that doesn’t mean this exclusive isn’t a great (and appropriate) one–just in time for the 40th Anniversary, it’s the LEGO Star Wars Detention Block Rescue set!

This set is (obviously) based off of A New Hope, and features Han Solo and Luke Skywalker Minifigures in Stormtrooper disguises (with removable helmets, of course) in a brick-built Death Star Detention Block environment. It’s a wee bit weird that a Princess Leia Minifigure isn’t included with this specific scene, but I love when TLG does vignettes like this one nonetheless. The brick-built backdrop to the Detention Block is adorable!

Star Wars Celebration 2017 LEGO Exclusive Set RevealedGetting this 220 piece, $40 set won’t be easy, though. This is a true Celebration exclusive that won’t be available anywhere else, and even those attending the show won’t be able to snag one unless they’ve already entered the LEGO Lottery on the Celebration website (closing tonight!) and been selected for the opportunity to buy the set. If you want this set, make sure you enter that lottery before it closes!

I think this set is an excellent choice for a limited convention exclusive, as it’s an iconic enough build that hardcore fans will want it, but contains no exclusive minifigures, so collectors who can’t attend Celebration 2017 won’t necessarily feel like their collection is “incomplete” somehow if they don’t manage to acquire this set on the aftermarket for the $100+ it’s most assuredly going to end up selling for.

Star Wars Celebration Orlando LEGO Detention Block Escape SetThe $40 Detention Block Rescue LEGO set will be available in limited quantities each day of Star Wars Celebration Orlando next week, and available only to those who were selected by the ReedPop Lottery to obtain a ticket for the LEGO Booth. If I’m lucky enough to be drawn for the opportunity to purchase this set myself, I’ll post a review for it once I get back from Celebration (although I have terrible luck, so don’t hold your breath waiting for my review).

What do you think of the LEGO Celebration 2017 exclusive, Star Wars fans? Are you bent on adding this scene to your collection, or is the price or lottery requirement for the Detention Block Rescue deterring you from it?

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