Star Wars Black Series Sabine Wren Figure Review & Photos

In the aftermath of Rogue One being released in theaters, there have been surprisingly few new Star Wars toys launched and/or announced for the past few weeks. Luckily, I’ve still got several figures from the last wave of 6″ Black Series figures that I need to catch up on with reviews. And today, I’ll be talking about the figure I meant to talk about last week before the passing of Carrie Fisher. The Black Series Sabine Wren is selling for a few bucks above MSRP online and is the third figure from Star Wars Rebels–does she hold to the same high standard as Kanan and Ahsoka?

Hasbro Sabine Wren Black Series Action Figure Dual-WieldingThe Right:

While the “Star Wars Rebels” cartoon series has disappointed me far, far more frequently than it’s delighted me (it’ll all be worth it if Ezra Bridger is Snoke, though–ha!), I’ve grown to really love the character designs and the characters from the show.

So although I don’t rush to watch every episode of Rebels the moment it airs, I do make it a point to snag the members of the Ghost crew as soon as I can. And my favorite humanoid member of the group is Sabine Wren–so let’s take a gander at her first-ever six inch figure…

Checkerboard Shoulder Armor on Sabine Wren Black Series FigureThe thing that I was most taken by as soon as I took the Hasbro Sabine 6″ figure out of the package was the sheer amount of paint deco and detailing on this figure. This Sabine action figure easily has more paint applications than any other figure in the 6″ Star Wars Black Series line to date.

Side View of Armor on Hasbro Star Wars Sabine Wren 6" FigureWhile my favorite detail on the figure is her checkerboard right shoulder armor (as I knew it would be), there’s plenty more to appreciate on the 6″ Sabine Wren figure. The paint deco on her left shoulder armor and chest armor pops wonderfully and is a real eye-grabber (yep, that’s the real reason I keep staring at Sabine’s chest).

Hasbro 6" Black Series Sabine Figure PackagedThe real surprise, though, was the paint spattered deco on Sabine’s gloves and boots! I genuinely never noticed this detailing on the character model in the show before, but Hasbro sure took note of it!

Rebels Sabine Wren Speckles Paint Deco on BootsHundreds of little speckles of orange, purple and grey are all over Sabine’s forearms and boots, and the effect actually works tremendously. I wasn’t expecting these paint applications, but they look terrific.

Sabine Wren Six Inch Figure and Accessories RebelsEqually terrific is the assortment of four accessories that Sabine comes with–three more than most Black Series figures get!

While we had to buy separate versions of the first two 4″ Sabine Rebels figures released to get her with and without her helmet, her Black Series 6″ figure has a removable helmet to create both looks.

Star Wars Rebels Sabine Wren Figure with Helmet Viewfinder DownThe rangefinder on the helmet can be swiveled down to look cool, and the helmet isn’t as disproportionate to Sabine’s body as I initially feared (she just happens to be built like an anorexic teen).

2017 Star Wars Black Series Sabine Rebels FigureOn the weapons front, Sabine gets two blaster pistols and an explosives detonator. The pistols are molded in shiny metal-like grey plastic and look great (even without extra paint apps), whereas the detonator is a more flat grey.

Hasbro Sabine Wren Holding Explosives DetonatorAll three weapons fit not only into Sabine’s hands perfectly, but also snugly into her holsters (yes, including the detonator). As long as you’ve always got Sabine holding one weapon (as a self-respecting Mando should be), she’s got somewhere to safely store the other two.

Star Wars Sabine Hasbro Six Inch Figure with Blaster PistolsThe articulation on the Sabine Black Series figure is also reasonably solid (I’ll complain about omissions momentarily), with ball-hinge neck/shoulders/elbows/wrists; ball-jointed hips and upper torso; swivel thighs; double-jointed knees and hinged ankles with ankle rockers.

Back of Black Series 33 Sabine Wren BoxYou can’t necessarily achieve every pose you’d expect from a Mandalorian mercenary, but she’s far more fun to pose than any 5POA figure (including her own), that’s for sure.

6" Star Wars Rebels Sabine Wren Action Figure Holding DetonatorThe Wrong:

Whereas I was just singing the praises of Hasbro for implementing swivel biceps and double-jointed elbows on the 6″ Black Series Princess Leia figure I reviewed last week, I’m saddened to say that Sabine has the same-old archaic female arm articulation we’re accustomed to.

Considering that Sabine is a super-athletic Mandalorian mercenary and ANH Leia is a diplomat, it’s definitely a bummer that Sabine’s upper body articulation is so much more limited than Leia’s, consequently allowing less dynamic firing poses.

Black Series Sabine Wren Figure Close-Up of HeadIn addition, while I think Sabine’s two-tone hair looks pretty nice, her eyes look awful. The black outlines drawn around the orange pupils going in different directions make Sabine look like a crack addict.

I ordered a second Sabine Wren figure to see if the eyes looked any better on it and if mine was an anomaly, but alas, both have the same scary-painted eyes marring an otherwise pretty face.

Star Wars Black Series 6" Sabine Wren ReviewOverall: Sabine is another figure where I struggled on the borderline between a ‘B+’ and an ‘A-‘, but I ultimately opted for the higher grade. I don’t like the sub-par arm articulation or crazy eyes, but I absolutely want to reward the exceptional amount of paints applications on this figure, as well as the strong sculpt, overall solid articulation scheme and spot-on accessories. Hasbro Black Series Sabine is an outstanding figure overall that could have been perfect with a few more tweaks.



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  1. That’s her spraypaint gun device! I’m actually super stoked they included it, since painting is pretty key to her character. They didn’t need to include it, but they did, and I love it so much.

    Now if their factories can only figure out how to paint eyes consistently…

    • Is it really? I could have sworn she had a similar device she uses when she sets off remote explosives in the show. Good eye!