Star Wars Black Series Rey’s Speeder Vehicle Revealed! Hasbro

I’m currently between connecting flights en route to Star Wars Celebration Orlando, and while I wasn’t sure I was gonna live through the turbulent-heavy flight I just got off, I’m glad I did–because after unboarding, I got to see the first of the big Celebration Orlando reveals: a totally unexpected Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Rey’s Speeder vehicle from The Force Awakens! (I probably need to get my priorities in order.) I’ll be seeing Rey’s Speeder in person in two days, but let’s take a look at the glamor shots for now…


I was completely prepared to be underwhelmed by the Hasbro Star Wars toys showing at Celebration this weekend, as it’s still months too early for the vast majority of items from The Last Jedi to be shown. 

But defying my expectations, Hasbro has the rarest of gems to show off at the event: a 6″ Black Series Rey’s Speeder from Episode VII The Force Awakens, which debuted via images on io9 this morning and is coming this fall (likely for Force Friday II the first week of September)!

While the Rey Speeder Black Series vehicle will be carrying a $60 MSRP that’s twenty bucks higher than what we paid for the Speeder Bike and Jabba sets a few years back, it’s a far chunkier and more detailed vehicle than that Speeder Bike was. In fact, it’s even got pull-off panels so you can check out the insides and 9 points of articulation (including the terrain display base)!

Meanwhile, the included Black Series Rey figure will be a 100% new sculpt that comes with a removable face mask, a satchel backpack, her staff and soft goods clothes to allow for maximum poseability (meaning that unlike the Hasbro Rey figure from 2015, this one will actually be able to sit properly on the Speeder). 


I’ll be posting news and photos live from Star Wars Celebration Orlando all week and weekend long (in-between panels, autographs and photo ops), so be sure to stay tuned here and to the Star Wars Toy News Twitter and Facebook Pages for more from the show. 

What do you think of the first Hasbro Star Wars Black Series 6″ vehicle to be revealed in over a year, Star Wars collectors? Are you excited about Rey’s Speeder coming in deluxe Black Series form, or is this a vehicle that was never on your “must have” list?

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