Star Wars Black Series Princess Leia 6″ Figure Review (A New Hope)

Princess Leia Organa was literally at the bottom of my list of new Star Wars Black Series 6″ figures I was planning to open up and review, as my expectations for the figure were pretty low. But with the heartbreaking news of Carrie Fisher’s passing this week, I got nostalgic and ended up freeing the new Hasbro ANH Princess Leia 6″ figure from her plastic prison. And I’m glad that I did–while she’s not perfect, this Episode IV Leia Black Series figure (which, by the way, is now selling for a small fortune) is far better than I expected…

Black Series Princess Leia Review A New HopeThe Right:

Like every other Star Wars collector in the world, I wanted to melt my eyes trying to unsee the terrible, terrible paint apps on the Episode IV Princess Leia Black Series 6″ figure prototype that Hasbro first displayed at Star Wars Celebration Europe this summer. Ever since that day, general opinion on this ANH Leia action figure has been rather negative and I have legit not been looking forward to getting it.

But news of Carrie Fisher’s tragic death shook me a lot, and I ended up opening this figure–and quickly realized that this figure deserved far more credit than I was giving it.

Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Princess Leia Organa BoxNow, let’s be fair here: while the Carrie Fisher head on this figure is far from Hot Toys quality, it’s also a million times better-looking than the ol’ POTF2 Dogface Leia figure from 1995.

Close-Up of Star Wars Black Series Princess Leia 6" FigureThe sculpting and texture on the iconic hair buns looks nice, and the face sculpt and paint deco are a lot prettier than I feared. There might be a bit too much blush and lipstick painted on, but this is a solid likeness and a reasonably pretty female face overall. Sorry, haters.

Hasbro 6" Black Series Leia Organa Figure Episode IVAs big of a pleasant surprise to me as Leia’s head sculpt is her articulation scheme. This Black Series Princess Leia figure has a couple points of articulation that Marvel Legends collectors have been frothing at the mouth for on female figures: double-jointed elbows and swivel biceps!

Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Leia Double-Jointed ElbowsConsidering Sabine in this same wave doesn’t even get this extra added arm articulation, I’m shocked that Leia got it. Pleased, but shocked. I’m not sure this particular version of Princess Leia Organa needed the extra articulation, mind you, but I am thrilled to get it nonetheless.

Back of Star Wars Black Series Princess Leia Action FigureThe full articulation rundown is as follows: ball-jointed head/upper torso/hips; ball-hinge shoulders and wrists; swivel biceps and thighs; double-hinge joint elbows and knees; and hinged ankles with ankle rockers.

Princess Leia Organa Star Wars Black Series 2017 FigureThe soft goods cloak allows this Leia six inch figure full use of all of her built-in articulation points, and the cloak itself (while obviously not Hot Toys level) actually looks very nice (besides the hood). At the very least, Leia’s soft goods costume isn’t the cluster that poor A New Hope Luke Skywalker’s bathrobe was earlier this year.

Princess Leia Black Series Figure Size Scale Comparison with 6" FiguresIn addition, I was very pleased to see that Hasbro scaled this Black Series Carrie Fisher figure appropriately! As Carrie Fisher was only 5’1″ tall there’s no way she should be the same height as a typical Black Series figure. And at about 5.25″ tall, she looks just right next to other 6″ Black Series figures.

Princess Leia Black Series 6" Figure with Hood UpThe Wrong:

I was all set to rake this figure over the coals up until I got it, but it turns out that this figure is, well… good! Not perfect, mind you, but still really good.

What bothers me about the figure? Her trigger finger isn’t large enough to place over the trigger of her larger blaster (at all), too much lipstick painted on hurts an otherwise terrific head sculpt, and the tailoring on the soft goods hood is pretty awful.

Hasbro Black Series Darth Revan Wave Princess Leia Figure and AccessoriesThese are all minor things that I can look past–especially under the circumstances–but there’s still some room for Bandai Japan to improve on this figure with an SH Figuarts Princess Leia.

Star Wars Black Series 6" ANH Princess Leia Figure with R2-D2Overall: Perhaps my emotions are biasing me just a bit in this instance, but I think this is a really terrific 6″ Leia figure. The head looks galaxies nicer than the prototype shown at Star Wars Celebration Europe, the excellent articulation surprised me (double-jointed elbows!!), and the soft goods look very nice (the hood notwithstanding). This is a surprisingly strong 6″ Black Series Princess Leia Organa figure, and I think the overall opinion on this figure may improve a lot once more collectors have her in-hand.



Star Wars Black Series Princess Leia 6″ Figure Review (A New Hope) — 3 Comments

  1. Nice review, i ordered the figure quick here in Germany until the price goes up.

    The best thing for me is, that we now have the main-cast of a new hope complete with this figure. From the rebels…. not from the empire. 😉

  2. @William:

    My first wish was the cast of heroes in 6″…now, my desire is that we can at least see the original 12 Kenner figures brought out–with a Tusken Raider coming, it gives me hope!

    Thanks to this blog, I jumped on ordering the case when this series was announced for pre-order. With the sad news of Fisher’s passing, prices are going to be scalper-tastic, which I find very ironic and sad.

  3. We only need two figures to complete the original Kenner twelve, and the Jawa will have to be made soon. It seems like they are trying to put at least 1-2 A New Hope figures in each wave.