Star Wars Black Series Jaina Solo & Tarkin 6″ Figures Photos!

Although Hasbro had been dropping nuggets of information all week long (including the reveals of Gree, Thrawn, Rey’s Speeder and Luke’s Landspeeder), they saved two of the biggest and most delectable treats to debut at the Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Hasbro panel. Coming to the Fall 2017 Star Wars Black Series: Jaina Solo and Grand Moff Takin 6″ figures!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already been nearly two years since the highly controversial Star Wars Fan’s Choice Poll that was ultimately won by Jaina Solo (with Starkiller a close second). 

While there’s still debate to this day as to whether or not Jaina Solo’s victory was legitimate (no, seriously–I was still hearing discussion about that very topic today–almost two years after the fact!), there’s one thing that is certain: the Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Jaina Solo figure is finally ready to roll out this fall!

Even though Jaina Solo is now part of the non-canon “Legends” universe, she still has tens of thousands of fans thanks to the dozens of Star Wars books that she appeared in. 

Even so, being a character who’s mainly in books, there’s little reference available for Jaina, so Hasbro had to do something really cool when designing this figure: imagining what the actual genetic offspring of Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher would look like! 

Looking at the face on this figure–particularly that cocky Han Solo-like smirk–I think that Hasbro’s sculptors really accomplished their goal with this figure. And man, is her helmet ever neat!

Armed with a rare purple lightsaber and wearing her black StealthX Starfighter uniform, I think this is one of the slickest and coolest figures ever in the Black Series. I can’t wait to bring Jaina home this fall!

Meanwhile, Jaina will have company this fall from a character that’s anything but non-canon: the very first Black Series Grand Moff Tarkin!

While we’ve gotten plenty of pistol-wielding Tarkins over the years, the Black Series Tarkin will be packing something better: an ITO Interrogation Droid!

I sort of doubt we’ll be seeing Battle Droids anytime soon in the Black Series, so it’s great to get a new type of droid as a pack-in with Tarkin (even if the ITO droids do give me the heebee-jeebies). 

Like the Grand Admiral Thrawn figure coming this summer, 6″ Black Series Tarkin will be able to fold his hands behind his back to take on his most iconic poses. 

The only real shortcoming to this Tarkin Black Series figure is the facial likeness, in my opinion. I don’t really see any of Peter Cushing in the head sculpt at all. In fact, if I didn’t know better, I’d swear Hasbro was aiming for the CGI Rogue One Tarkin with this action figure! Hmm…

The 6″ Star Wars Black Series Grand Moff Tarkin and Jaina Solo figures will both be available for order in Fall 2017, with no specific dates announced at this time (although I’d be stunned if both aren’t released on Force Friday II). I’ll post updates to the Star Wars Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages once more release information is available, so stay tuned. 

What do you think of Hasbro’s final two reveals from the 2017 Celebration, Star Wars collectors? Are you psyched to add Tarkin or Jaina Solo to your collections this fall, or are there other newly revealed figures (*cough* Thrawn *cough*) stealing away your excitement?


Star Wars Black Series Jaina Solo & Tarkin 6″ Figures Photos! — 13 Comments

  1. I like those reveals a lot.

    But,… I still waiting for the Imperial Royal Guard and Qui Gon. Did Hasbro announce anything about the release date? The show these figures a long time ago the first time,… it feels like:

    “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…” (Music Starts) “Hasbro showed the collectors some new figures, but they still got no release. Two Jedi-Knights now try to find out where those dates are…”

    You know what I mean. 😉

    • Qui-Gon was also on display with Tarkin and Jaina. You can see him on other pictures. Think he’s supposed to come this fall.

      • Yup–I only talked about the new figures in my Celebration coverage and not the ones like Royal Guard and Qui-Gon that were announced last summer and just hadn’t shipped yet. 🙂

  2. I still don’t get why the fan vote is considered controversial. Like EU haters can’t get over the fact that the EU is still popular.

    • Because the vote was genuinely manipulated by butthurt fans of the old EU who couldn’t stand the idea of change; they rallied together on social media (can’t quite remember what hashtags they used, but they definitely used some) and exploited a flaw in the poll, wherein the function that determined whether a user had already voted could be circumvented by going to the poll in an incognito tab, basically allowing them to vote infinite times. Same thing happened with Starkiller. The poll ended up being less of an actual democratic vote for what character to make a figure of, and more a competition to see whether Starkiller fans or Jaina fans were better at rigging the vote in their favor.

      • We couldn’t stand the idea of change? You do realise we still love the EU, despite the fact it’s not canon anymore. People are within their own right to vote what they want.

        TCW and Rebels characters have already been said to get figures of their own at some point. Why they, shouldn’t popular characters like Jaina and (God forbid) Starkiller, get their own figure, when they are popular. If I remember correctly, there were other characters up for the win, who were canon and they will likely get their own figure too some day. Most EU characters are not so lucky and they do deserve the recognition.

        • Oh, I’m not saying that you can’t still like the EU, and I’m not saying all or even most fans of the old EU are allergic to change. I even agree that it’s good for old EU characters to win the poll, because, as you said, they’re far less likely to get their own figure outside the fan poll. I’m glad Revan won the first Black Series fan poll, because he’s a cool character who makes for a great figure.

          However, none of that changes the fact that people definitely rigged the poll to get Jaina to win. Many of the characters on the poll were EU, and many of them seemed interesting. However, general opinion amongst fans at the time was that Jaina was one of the least popular choices, as people were thinking she wouldn’t make for an interesting figure (they likely weren’t expecting this look/outfit for her); there were multiple other EU characters that seemed like they’d make more interesting figures. However, as I stated, the subset of EU fans that were butthurt (not just annoyed, legitimately “Disney suks” butthurt) that the old EU was gone straight-up rallied on social media under a hashtag or two (can’t quite remember what they were). They then exploited a flaw in the poll wherein if you were in an incognito tab, you could vote an infinite number of times. That was a known flaw during the poll. It was clear to anyone who wasn’t being willfully ignorant that there were two factions trying to rig the poll (because they weren’t being remotely covert about it), both butthurt about the old EU being decanonized, and they rallied around Starkiller and Jaina. They exploited the hell out of that flaw in the poll, fighting to rig the vote harder in their favor. Eventually, the Jaina group won.

          Seeing how the Jaina figure turned out, I’m pleasantly surprised, but I’m still pissed that the poll got rigged.

  3. Hasn’t it only been almost one year since the fan poll that “decided” Jaina would get a figure? Wasn’t it 2016? ‘Cause I remember the 2015 poll being the one that decided Revan would get a figure.

  4. Hasblo is not exactly a company that keeps its word. Their website sucks. Unless you want to scalp their figures on “alternitive” sites for $75-100ea. I’m sorry but this company has been a joke. Look at the 1st Leia….oh but they fixed it. Yep after they got you to shell out another $25. Forget Hasbro. Their quality is weak, their quantities are a bigger joke, and their customer service? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Ill pay more, get better quality and at least if I order it I know Ill get it with SH Figuarts and Mafex. Do yourselves a favor….QUIT BUYING GARBAGE and empty promises of supposed releases years after they are announced.