Star Wars Black Series Empire Strikes Back Snowtrooper Review

While the new Star Wars Black Series Darth Revan wave of 6″ figures has been starting to hit online retailers and local stores for about two weeks now, to date I’ve only found a mighty one figure from the set personally. I’ve been hoarding it for a few weeks waiting for the perfect day to open, photograph and review it–and that day is today! The winter snow has now arrived–and so has the new 6″ Black Series Empire Strikes Back Snowtrooper figure! The ESB Snowtrooper is going for big bucks online–is he worth it?

Black Series ESB Snowtrooper Figure ReviewThe Right:

…No, really. I found this 6″ Black Series ESB Snowtrooper figure about two full weeks ago, and I’ve been keeping him in the box and waiting patiently ever since for it to snow so that I could open him up in the snow. I’m a geek–sue me.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait too too long for it to snow, and I finally got to free this Imperial Trooper from his plastic prison today. Does he meet my expectations? Read on…

Hasbro Black Series Empire Strikes Back Stormtrooper BoxSo, it’s a pretty crazy world where we’re getting the classic Snowtrooper six inch figure a year after┬áthe modern Force Awakens version, huh? Even so, I absolutely loved the Episode VII First Order Snowtrooper figure, and have been looking forward to this one since.

6" Black Series First Order Snowtrooper vs. Empire Strikes Back SnowtrooperThough they’re sort of the same type of troopers, these two guys are actually totally different mold and don’t share any tooling at all (as they shouldn’t–but it’s nice to see Hasbro not cut corners nonetheless). I really thought Hasbro might reuse a foot or hand or something, but nope–all new!

Comparison of Backs of Black Series Snowtrooper FiguresAs much as I loved the First Order Snowtrooper, this new ESB sculpt is simply better. The proportions are better, the textures on the pants and skirt are improved, and the new Black Series 6″ Snowtrooper looks taller and less chubby.

Boots and Paint Weathering on 6" Black Series ESB Snowtrooper Action FigureMy favorite details on this figure all have to do with the lowest parts of it, perversely enough. The “dirt” weathering at the bottom of the skirt looks phenomenal, and the sculpting on the boots is drop-dead gorgeous.

Star Wars Black Series 2017 Snowtrooper Six Inch FigureArticulation-wise, this figure isn’t perfect, but it does have a decent amount of POA built in: ball-hinged head/shoulders/elbows/wrists; ball-jointed upper torso and hips; double-hinge knees and hinged ankles with ankle rockers.

Hasbro Snowtrooper 6 Inch Figure and AccessoriesOn the accessories front, we get three: a new backpack (with an impressive amount of paint deco), along with a blaster pistol and blaster rifle.

Both weapons have some paint apps, though those on the rifle look a lot better and more detailed. I love the silvery-black rifles like these when Hasbro does them!

Snowtrooper Black Series 6" FigureThe Wrong:

Hasbro did a plethora of research to verify the screen-accurate color scheme for the Episode V Snowtrooper costumes, which I really do appreciate. As a result, the ESB Snowtrooper Black Series figure’s colors are unquestionably authentic.

The trouble is: I don’t like the color scheme. The large amount of tan on this figure is just too far removed from the overwhelmingly white colors from the Snowtrooper toys I had as a kid and also from my memories of the Snowtroopers from the movie.

Having army-built hordes of all-white 3.75″ Snowtroopers over the years, I was looking forward to army-building again–just in the larger and more detailed 6″ scale. But for me, the large amount of tan on this figure just looks weird and makes it one I don’t especially want to own more than a single of. I suspect many collectors will feel similarly, even if this is the “correct” color scheme–this is one instance where I really wish Hasbro had done paint variants.

2017 Star Wars Black Series Imperial Snowtrooper Close-UpOn the non-“personal preference” front, there’s a couple other things to nitpick. The blaster pistol was extremely loose in my figure’s hands and kept falling off (eventually into the snow, never to be seen again), and the articulation on this figure is a bit restricted by the sculpt.

The skirt blocks the legs from achieving pretty much any kind of dynamic pose, and the range of motion of the helmet is poor. Imperial Snowtroopers aren’t exactly ninjas anyway, but I imagine these limitations will bug some folks.

Review Star Wars Black Series Snowtrooper ESBOverall: It’s taken a little while for Hasbro to get to them, but the 6″ Snowtrooper Black Series figure is an overall solid release. I appreciate all of the new tooling Hasbro developed for this figure, and love the boots and deco on the skirt and rifle. Many collectors will dislike that the articulation has some limiting factors–not to mention the “not snowy” tan parts that make up a large portion of the costume. It’s an overall great figure that I’m glad to have, but I personally wouldn’t want to army-build it.



Star Wars Black Series Empire Strikes Back Snowtrooper Review — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for your review, but it’s funny, I didn’t notice the problem of the tan, and now I can’t UNSEE it…I ordered the whole case, and I’m waiting for it to come in…I’m sure somebody will make use of some white washes to correct the figure, and I’d love to see what that looks like.
    Did you really lose your blaster rifle? I’m curious if Hasbro would replace it, like back in the days of “We Really Do Care!”???

    • Yup, the blaster rifle is gone in the snow forever. Alas. (I wanted to display him with his other blaster anyway, so no biggie. Heh.)