Star Wars Black Series 6″ Force Awakens C-3PO Revealed!

Ever since the 6″ scale R2-D2 was released as part of the inaugural wave of Star Wars Black Series 6″ figures in 2013, collectors have been wondering when R2’s fussy protocol droid companion would be joining him. Well, after several false-starts and even a cancellation from the case listings for 2015, we finally have official word from Hasbro on C-3PO: the Hasbro Black Series 6″ C-3PO will be released in Fall 2016! And oh yeah, this will apparently be a Force Awakens C-3PO with red arm…

Star Wars The Force Awakens C-3PO Black Series 6 Inch FigureAs 2015 comes to a close, we’re still waiting for the C-3PO Black Series 6″ figure that Hasbro first showed off over a year ago in 2014. This action figure actually went as far as being included in the solicitations for case packs of Hasbro Black Series cases that were scheduled to ship at the start of 2015, but those case configurations were cancelled and C-3PO was quietly scrubbed and has been left unaccounted for ever since.

But now, Hasbro has finally stepped forward and tweeted out official confirmation that the 6 inch C-3PO is actually on the way–and coming in fall 2016!

Obviously this is an Episode VII The Force Awakens C-3PO figure, as Threepio is sporting a red arm, so this particular C-3PO prototype is one that had never been seen publicly before today. It also (obviously) doesn’t match the OT R2-D2 that was previously released. Will there be an interchangeable gold arm included to make this either an Original Trilogy or modern See-Threepio action figure? We’ll see!

As Hasbro specifically specified “fall 2016” and is revealing this figure now, it should be a mass-released figure available both at brick-and-mortar retail stores and via online retailers. To my knowledge, Hasbro has never revealed any kind of exclusive Star Wars item close to a year in advance, and I wouldn’t expect a key character like C-3PO to break that trend.

Black Series C-3PO RevealedI’ll post an update here and to the Star Wars Toy News Facebook Page once more information about the release specifics of this Black Series 6″ C-3PO figure are revealed, and you can follow Star Wars Toy News on Facebook to have more news and photos beamed right to your Facebook Newsfeed.

What do you think about the long, long-overdue announcement of C-3PO finally arriving in the Star Wars Black Series 6 inch line? Do you think that Hasbro will be kind enough to give us an interchangeable gold arm so that we only have to buy 6″ C-3PO once, or do you think we’re going to be extorted for an additional ~$20 for our OT displays?


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  1. Without the gold arm he’s useless to me. What’s the point of having all of the original characters then a version of a key character 30 years ahead in continuity. Give us the classic version… hell, I’ll even take the prototype version young Aniken was building before the gold shell was added. This is the last of the three they should be making in my opinion.