Star Wars 6″ Black Series Hovertank Pilot Figure Released!

Though we’re still a week away from the Star Wars Rogue One toys being officially released on Force Friday 2016, the monumental force (no pun intended) that is Rogue One toys simply cannot seem to be kept off store shelves. And so, this past week, another store-exclusive Black Series Rogue One figure began popping up in stores (and being scalped online). But now, it’s officially–Hasbro has now revealed the exclusive 6″ Black Series Imperial Hovertank Pilot figure!

Star Wars Black Series 6" Imperial Hovertank Pilot Exclusive Figure

When Bandai Japan revealed their own SH Figuarts Hovertank Pilot figure a few weeks back, I was totally stunned that they were going to manage to get an army-builder trooper figure out before Hasbro could. What’s the world coming to, right…?

Well, looks like I spoke too soon! Hasbro has their own 6″ Hovertank Pilot Black Series figure on the way, and though they officially announced it themselves today, it already started to leak out of some Toys R Us stores a wee bit early and is already in many collectors’ grubby hands!

black-series-rogue-one-imperial-hovertank-pilot-box-backThanks to street dates being broken at dozens of Toys R Us stores across the country, we’ve had a first look at the back of the box for the Rogue One Imperial Hovertank Pilot already, although the text isn’t terribly exciting.

Apparently, Hover Tank Pilots wear light armor and depend on their vehicles to protect them. Pity there’s no Hovertank coming from Hasbro this year! These guys are sitting ducks! Poor guys!

toys-r-us-exclusive-rogue-one-imperial-hovertank-pilot-figure-packagedHere’s the official solicitation information from Hasbro on the Black Series Hovertank Pilot:

(Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Suggested Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Fall 2016)
An elite soldier for the Galactic Empire, this impressive 6-inch scale IMPERIAL HOVERTANK PILOT figure features articulated movement and true-to-story detail. Recreate battles from ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY with exclusive army building unit and new pilot character class. Available exclusively at Toys R Us stores.

While the solicitation just states that the Imperial Hovertank Pilot six inch figures will be available in “fall 2016”, I think we can safely assume (based off the figures already being sold at many TRU stores) that these figures will also be available on Force Friday (at least, in stores that didn’t break street date and sell all their figures early).

Star Wars Rogue One Black Series Hovertank Pilot 6" FigureFor those who absolutely can’t wait for this guy, you can find the Imperial Hovertank Pilot Black Series 6″ figures on the aftermarket now at inflated prices. That said, I would advocate that no one pay high prices for this particular action figure–if last year’s Toys R Us exclusive Snowtrooper is any indication (and it certainly is), there will be plenty of these Hovertank Pilots on shelves for MSRP within a few weeks from now.

With no complementary Imperial Hovertank vehicle coming from Hasbro in the foreseeable future (or possibly ever), are you still interested in adding this figure to your collections, Star Wars fans? Are you going to grab this figure at first sight, wait to see how the pilots are handled in Rogue One, or skip these troopers altogether?

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