Black Friday Star Wars 6″ Black Series Clone Troopers 4-Pack BLOWOUT!

“You know you should have waited when…” the 6” Black Series Clonetrooper figure 4-Pack you paid 100 bucks for is discounted to 40 shipped! Well, I got that one wrong…! If you’re looking to army-build or just plain were smarter than me and waited to get this set when it went to clearance, you’re in luck–the box set is the headliner item in this year’s EE Black Friday sale!

Doorbusters EE Clone Troopers 4-PackORIGINAL (9/30/2016): Send in the Clones! I’m used to the disapproving glares I get from fellow fans when I tell them my favorite era of Star Wars is the Clone Wars, but one thing no one can deny is that there were several years where the Star Wars collecting world went clone crazy! It’s for that reason that the lack of a variety of Phase II Clone figures has been a gaping hole in the Black Series, but no longer–the EE Exclusive Star Wars 6″ Black Series Clone Troopers 4-Pack is now up for order with free shipping!


One of the things that’s made me a sad bantha for the past few years is the utter lack of prequels toys in stores. I don’t think there’s any collector out there who hasn’t noticed Disney doing their very best to sweep the black sheep of the Star Wars family under the rug as snugly as possible. But while the prequel era and the Clone Wars has been mostly exiled from mass retail, we still get some pre-OT goodness as exclusives from time to time.

And just in time for the-day-after-Force Friday, Entertainment Earth has officially announced the biggest Black Series exclusive ever for prequels-era collectors: a 6″ Clone Troopers 4-Pack of Phase II Clones!

This set includes four exclusive types of Clone Troopers never available in the Black Series 6″ line before:

  • 212th Attack Battalion Utapau Trooper (Orange)
  • 442nd Siege Battalion Clone Trooper (Green)
  • 501st Legion Clone Trooper (Blue)
  • Coruscant Guard (Red/Shocktrooper)

entertainment-earth-exclusive-black-series-clone-troopers-4-packNow, while we’ve had some of these colors previously released as Phase I Clones–not to mention the Black Series Commander Cody and Battlefront Shocktrooper figures that have both been sold out for ages–these will be the first non-generic Phase II Clone Trooper six inch figures ever released by Hasbro. Huzzah!


Personally, the 442nd clone doesn’t strike me as being as “big name” as the other three in this set, but I do love me some green troopers, so I’m excited about his inclusion nonetheless. But now that we have some 6″ 501st clones, can Captain Rex be far behind…?

About the only thing that I don’t like about this set is that it looks like each clone will only be getting one weapon each. That’s a bit of a letdown since this set contains 0% new tooling to begin with, and there are plenty of blaster molds available that could be reused ad nauseam for this box set. Alas.

clone-troopers-black-series-box-set-4-pack-exclusiveThe EE Exclusive Black Series Clone Troopers four-pack is now available for order, and is scheduled to ship out in November 2016. And hey, the shipping is event free! Thanks, EE! This set is basically a clone army-builder’s dream (and a credit card’s nightmare), and I would be very surprised if EE doesn’t sell out of their initial shipments of these fast. Get in early if 6″ Clone Troopers army-building is your dream!

What do you think of this year’s Entertainment Earth Black Series exclusive set, Star Wars collectors? Are you pleased to see some clones getting the spotlight, or were you hoping for something else? And are you pleased with the specific clones chosen?

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