Smuggler’s Bounty Hunters Box Review & Unboxing Photos!

It seems like just yesterday that I was speculating about the contents of the upcoming Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty Jabba’s Palace box (because it was), but as if on cue, this month’s much-hyped Funko Bounty Hunters box has arrived! Does it live up to the height…? Well, I certainly think so! Read on for my review, unboxing photos and massive spoilers for the Funko Smuggler’s Bounty Bounty Hunters box!

Funko Bounty Hunters Box Spoilers Review Unboxing Photos

Ever since Funko switched to using DHL for their subscription boxes, it’s a real crapshoot whether each box will arrive at lightspeed or at the speed of an arthritic bantha.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait as long as I feared for the latest–and perhaps my most-anticipated yet–Smuggler’s Bounty box to arrive: Bounty Hunters!

When you open the box, you’re treated to the familiar sight of an all-new duo of a fabric patch and a metal pin.

Funko Smuggler's Bounty Boba Fett PatchAs I suspected, Boba Fett himself adorns the patch and looks suitably badass. This is one of my favorite patches to date, and also one of the few I’m likely to actually wear on something.

Funko Bossk Pin Smuggler's Bounty Hunters BoxNext up, it’s representation for my favorite bounty hunter with the Bossk pin! This is just Bossk’s head with goofy orange collar on this pin, but I’m still pretty happy with it. Bossk is so cute!!

Funko Bounty Hunters Box ShirtOpening up the box further, we find this month’s Smuggler’s Bounty shirt, which features all of the popular Empire Strikes Back bounty hunters (minus Dengar–notice that I said “popular”).

Funko Smuggler's Bounty Shirt Bounty HuntersThese non-POP shirts aren’t really my style, but this is still a really neat-looking shirt that I think many fans are going to love. It’s just not for me, personally.

Funko POP Vinyls Bounty Hunters Box Exclusives Boba Fett IG-88Underneath the shirt we find this month’s two exclusive POP Vinyls–and I’m pleased to say that I love them both!

Smuggler's Bounty Boba Fett POP Vinyl Figure 102 BoxWe posted the spoiler photos of this Action Pose Boba Fett POP Vinyls a few weeks ago, so seeing it here in the box isn’t a surprise (at all). Even so, it’s great to finally have the opportunity to hold and appreciate this dynamic vinyl Boba Fett figure in person!

Side of Box Action Pose Boba Fett Smuggler's Bounty POP VinylI don’t think many collectors are going to want to part with this one!

Funko Star Wars IG-88 POP Vinyls Exclusive Figure Close-UpThe last item in the box–and the most unexpected–is the Funko IG-88 POP Vinyl figure! I wasn’t sure how the tall, thin droid would look in vinyl figure form, but it turns out that stylized IG-88 is gosh-darn adorable! I love this figure!

Funko IG-88 POP Vinyl Box Back 4-LOM

One more surprise is on the back of the boxes for the POPs, which reveal that a Funko 4-LOM POP Vinyl (#101) is coming soon as well! With that, we’ll only need Zuckuss and Dengar to complete the Executor Bridge Bounty Hunters scene!

Overall, I think that this Funko Bounty Hunter box is another exceptionally-strong Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty box, and I’d be shocked if there are many dissatisfied customers who ordered this and end up wishing they hadn’t. While the exclusive shirt itself isn’t my style, the rest of this box is a total delight.


IG-88 Funko POP Vinyls Bounty Hunters POP Vinyl FigureI’ll be continuing to preview and review each and every Funko Smuggler’s Bounty subscription box, so be sure to ‘Like’ Star Wars Toy News on Facebook if you want photos, reviews and updates sent right to your social media Newsfeed!

What do you think of the Funko Star Wars Bounty Hunters box, Star Wars collectors? If you ordered this subscription box, are you glad that you did? And if you didn’t order it, are you wishing now that you had?


Smuggler’s Bounty Hunters Box Review & Unboxing Photos! — 3 Comments

  1. Mine hasn’t arrived yet… But it looks awesome! thank you for the review!!! ?

  2. Mine arrived today and it looks like Boba’s box was thrown into the Sarlacc pit.

  3. Love the style of the shirt however I don’t love that “assassin” is spelled wrong next to IG-88… That makes me reconsider wearing it in public. Also I do wish Dengar was on it as it feels incomplete without him. The pops were the characters I expected and hopefully we’ll get Zuckuss (my favorite) and Dengar ones revealed soon!