Sideshow Star Wars Imperial Probe Droid 1/6 Figure Reissue!

Well here’s an announcement that is likely to split between exciting and infuriating Star Wars collectors: Sideshow Collectibles is going back into production for their previously sought-after sixth scale Imperial Probe Droid! Good news for those who missed it the first time, but terrible news for those who paid double on the aftermarket–the Sideshow Probe Droid is now back up for order!

Sideshow Star Wars Imperial Probe Droid Re-ReleaseIt’s not very often that Sideshow Collectibles does something that totally throws me for a loop, but the announcement that came in this week’s newsletter absolutely dropped my jaw.

For the first time I can ever remember, Sideshow is going back into production on a sold-out Star Wars sixth scale figure! Heading our way (again) in Q2 2016: the Sideshow Imperial Probe Droid!

Imperial Probot Sixth Scale Figure Sideshow 2016 Star WarsThe sixth scale Imperial Probe Droid figure was originally released by Sideshow back in 2014. While many collectors originally balked at the price of the “Probot”, it was a huge hit once it actually was released. As a result, the Imperial Probe Droids have sold for over $500 on the aftermarket in recent months.

Scale Photo of Sideshow Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Hoth Probe Droid FigureI myself passed on the 17″ Probe Droid when it was initially released, and have regretted that decision ever since. As spectacular a release as this 1/6 Probot is, I just couldn’t find it in myself to drop $400+ for one.

Sideshow Collectibles Imperial Probe Droid Sixth Scale Figure Close-UpBut now I (and you) don’t have to, as the 1/6 Imperial Probe Droid is heading back into production at its original price-point of $249.99, and it even has its original electronic lights and sounds intact!

Top View of Sideshow Imperial Probe Droid FigureI’ve no doubt this is going to royally cheese off those who bought the Star Wars Imperial Probe Droid figure at inflated prices (and those who had been trying to sell it at them), but it’s great news for those who missed the boat (er, droid?) previously.

Star Wars Imperial Probe Droid Sixth Scale Figure on Display Stand BaseThere is one important difference between this re-release and the original release of the Empire Strikes Back Proid Droid, however: the base. Whereas the original version of this droid came with an awesome snow-covered display base, adopters of this new production run will have to settle for a comparably far lamer plain black display stand.

I really loved the old snowy-terrain base, but to pay half the price of the original Probe Droid? Yeah–I can live with the new minimalist base instead.

Imperial Probe Droid Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Reissue FigureThe Sideshow Star Wars Imperial Probe Droid is now up for pre-order (again), and is scheduled to ship out in spring 2016. There’s a lot of pent-up demand for this impressive piece, so hopefully this time Sideshow makes enough Hoth Probe Droids to go around!

What are your thoughts on Sideshow almost straight-reissuing a previously sold-out, valuable Star Wars figure like the ESB Imperial Probe Droid? Are you pleased to see collectors getting another chance at this piece, or are you crying foul about the aftermarket value of the original basically being cannibalized here?

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