Sideshow 4-LOM Sixth Scale Figure Up for Order! LE 2000!

Ever since Sideshow Collectibles released their Bossk, Boba Fett and IG-88 sixth scale figures several years, collectors have been waiting for the “Big Six” Bounty Hunters from the Executor scene in The Empire Strikes Back to be produced. And finally, the fourth member of the group has arrived! But you’d better not hesitate–the EXCLUSIVE Sideshow 4-LOM sixth scale figure is up for order and limited to just 2000 pieces!

Sideshow Star Wars 4-LOM Sixth Scale Figure

Well, this is an unexpected turn of events! When Sideshow Collectibles revealed some time back that a 1/6 4-LOM figure was in the works using the C-3PO body as a base (with a new head, obviously), it seemed like a no-brainer that this would be a pretty popular figure as far as secondary original trilogy characters that hadn’t been release yet by Sideshow go.

But lo and behold, Sideshow must not have quite as as much faith in ol’ 4-LOM as I do, as they’ve stuck a limited edition of 2000 on him!

Sideshow 4-LOM Sixth Scale FigureThis is a really huge surprise turn of events, because I honestly can’t remember the last time a Sideshow Star Wars sixth scale figure was numbered (if ever). It appears that Sideshow believes there are only 2,000 collectors out there who will want a full set of 1:6 bounty hunters.

I disagree with that assessment, but I’m also not investing the hundreds of thousands of dollars in this product that Sideshow Collectibles is, so I digress.

Back of 4-LOM Sideshow 12 Inch FigureLet’s talk about the actual 12″ 4-LOM Sideshow figure, though: it looks awesome. This is easily the best-looking 4-LOM Sixth Scale figure ever, and especially puts the Hasbro version to shame.

Sideshow Exclusive 4-LOM 12 Inch Figure Holding RifleThe big changes to the C-3PO figure are the new insectoid head (obviously) and the six plates on the chest. I was legit concerned Sideshow might cheap out and skip the remold on the chest, but they did not (thank the Maker).

Back of 4-LOM Sideshow 12 Inch FigureThe head is definitely the high point of this figure, though: those enormous insect-like green eyes have a stellar amount of paint and sculpting detail on them.

Sideshow EXCLUSIVE 4-LOM Figure and Accessories

On the accessories front, 4-LOM is limited to two pairs of interchangeable hands, a figure stand and a DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle.

It’s not a huge bounty of accessories (no pun intended, believe it or not), but honestly, what else would they really give this droid bounty hunter whose sole movie existence is spent standing in place in one scene?

While this Sideshow 4-LOM figure doesn’t have electronic features like their C-3PO does, I think this is the far more compelling toy from a non-gimmicky visual standpoint.

Sideshow Collectibles 4-LOM Empire Strikes Back Bounty Hunters FiguresThe Sideshow Exclusive 4-LOM figure is now available for pre-order, and is scheduled for release in Q1 2017. This figure will not be for sale outside the Sideshow Collectibles website, and with a tiny edition size of just 2000, I expect it will sell out well before shipping.

Sideshow is offering a limited time free shipping deal on this 4-LOM sixth scale figure as of writing, so if you want him, this may ultimately be the best time. I’m not at all convinced this figure won’t sell out well before he becomes eligible for discounts.

What do you think of Sideshow’s latest efforts to expand the bounty hunters lineup, Star Wars collectors? Is 4-LOM on your must-have list? And do you think Sideshow is right or wrong to believe 2,000 is a big enough edition size for this character?

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