Rogue One Black Series Jyn Erso 6″ Figure Review & Photos

If there was one downside to New York Comic Con 2016, it’s that it distracted me away from my Force Friday purchases and sidetracked my reviews of the first batch of Rogue One figures. But now I’m all caught up and refocused, and it’s time to begin looking at the action figures for this year’s biggest Star Wars event! You can snag the Rogue One Black Series Jyn Erso for 16 bucks shipped online–but should you? Here’s my review…

Star Wars Black Series Rogue One Jyn Erso ReviewThe Right:

When Felicity Jones debuted her Jyn Erso Black Series 6″ figure at Celebration Europe in the summer, I was sort of “Ehn” about it. The figure didn’t look that great to me in the quick glances we saw of it, and I had zero investment in the character of Jyn Erso.

Fast-forward a few months and not only am I getting hyped up for the Rogue One movie, but I’m basking in the glory of the toys! And so, I picked up the Black Series Rogue One Jyn Erso figure…

Jyn Erso Rogue One 6" Figure in BoxIn the packaging, I still wasn’t immensely impressed with this action figure. But once I opened her up and got her out of her plastic prison, I found myself far more pleased than I expected.

Close-Up of Jyn Erso Black Series 6" Figure Felicity Jones LikenessWhile definitely not the world’s most authentic portrait of Felicity Jones, I think the face on this Jyn figure is really quite nice. It looks soft and feminine and pretty, and worlds better than the faces on the first Rey figures we got last year.

Hasbro Rogue One Black Series Jyn Erso 6" Figure FrontEven better than the face is 6″ Black Series Jyn Erso’s body sculpt. The folds in her vest, the texture on the stripes of her jacket or the back of her vest, the wrinkles on her shirt and buckles on her boots–this figure’s costume is glorious! 

Back of Star Wars Black Series Jyn Erso Action FigureBad paint can ruin an outstanding sculpt, but that’s not an issue here: Jyn Erso’s paint applications are excellent. The yellow stripes and silver zipper on her jacket, the silver tools in her pocket and the button on her belt are all highlights of the paint deco.

Jyn Erso Six Inch Figure in Packaging with AccessoriesThe Star Wars Black Series Rogue One Jyn Erso (Jedha) figure includes two accessories: a blaster pistol and a head wrap shawl.

Back of Jyn Erso Six Inch Figure Head Wrap ShawlThe shawl looks cool enough on Jyn’s head, but it’s just not my preferred display choice for the character. I’m sure some fans will love it, though.

Hasbro Rogue One Jyn Erso Figure with Shawl OnWhat I do love, though, is the blaster pistol. The blaster has paint deco on it and fits into her hand perfectly with her finger upon the trigger, and it can also be snugly secured in the holster (which can be buttoned up for safe storage).
Jyn Erso Blaster in Holster Star Wars Black SeriesIn addition, I was pleased to see that Hasbro appropriately scaled their Jyn Erso Black Series figure: she’s noticeably shorter than the normal male action figures (such as Eadu Cassian Andor), just the way she should be. Nice attention to detail, Hasbro!

Size Comparison Black Series Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor Figures

The Wrong:


While the Jyn Erso six inch figure certainly looks awesome, the figure does have one shortcoming that I know will really bug some folks (and me): articulation. While the 6″ Jyn Erso figures articulation scheme is certainly superior to that of her 3.75″ figure, it’s definitely not at the level of the best Black Series figures.

Jyn’s articulation is as follows: ball-hinge neck; ball-jointed upper torso; ball-hinge shoulders/elbows/wrists; swivel thighs and boots; double-jointed knees and hinged ankles with ankle rockers.

Jyn Erso Hasbro Black Series Figure CrouchingThat flexibility may sound decent until you play with the toy, but the lack of swivel biceps, double-jointed shoulders and a swivel waist–coupled with limited range of motion in the head and upper torso–makes her less fun to pose than you might expect. I especially hate how her head is forced to twist diagonally when you turn it to the side.

Like I said, Jyn’s articulation isn’t bad–I’m just finding it allows me to have less fun posing her figure than I had hoped to.

img_5325Overall: While I think the articulation on this 6″ Black Series Jyn Erso figure leaves something to be desired in some areas, this is otherwise an outstanding action figure. From the intricate sculpting detail to her nice face and solid paint apps, this Jyn Erso six inch figure is a real winner that I hope doesn’t get overlooked because of having such open availability. A great Rogue One headliner figure from Hasbro overall.



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