NYCC 2016: Black Series Chirrut & Baze Figures Revealed!

Taking into consideration that Hasbro just officially unveiled a ton of Star Wars Rogue One figures last week–and also that they have a Star Wars toys panel scheduled for the first day of NYCC 2016–I didn’t expect to see any new Star Wars toys at the Hasbro Pre-NYCC 2016 Media event. I was wrong in a very good way–the Rogue One Black Series 6″ Baze Malbus and Chirrut Imwe figures have now been revealed!

I was legit a little bit afraid that we had seen all of the Black Series Rogue One 6″ figures that Hasbro has planned already through various leaks, but Hasbro pulled out a surprising duo of never-before-seen action figures at their NYCC 2016 Press Event tonight that put that thought to rest once and for all.

We probably aren’t going to get all of the major Rogue One rebels as six inch figures in the next few months, but there’s two new rebels we know for sure are on the way: Baze Malbus and Chirrut Imwe!

Here’s a couple dozen photos–both loose and packaged–that I took at the Hasbro New York Comic Con 2016 event tonight…

Packaged photos reveal that Chirrut Imwe is #36 in the numbering sequence, whereas Baze Malbus is #37.


In addition to the Rogue One 6″ figures, the Force Awakens C-3PO Black Series figure was also on display again. Sadly, there was no evidence of the all-gold C-3PO without red arm behind announced at the party, but I would expect that potential Walgreens exclusive to be mentioned at the Hasbro Star Wars panel on Thursday afternoon. Stay tuned for more on that.

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Are you satisfied with the fully-finished and packaged prototypes of the Black Series Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus figures, Star Wars fans? Which other rebels from the movie–if any–are you still hoping to see represented in the 6″ Star Wars Black Series?


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  1. When will this figure hit shelves, but if they are up as of 12/19/16 where can I purchase them and for what price.