Kotobukiya Star Wars TC-14 ARTFX+ Exclusive Statue!

In 2014, Kotobukiya found an unlikely partner to carry their exclusive Star Wars ARTFX+ statues: the Barnes and Noble book store chain, which hosted the ever-popular R2-C4 and R2-M5 statues! And following up on last year’s best-selling pair of Astromech Droids, Barnes and Noble is now getting their own special protocol droid–and this one’s a woman (or at least as feminine as a protocol droid can get!): the Kotobukiya Star Wars TC-14 ARTFX+ statue has now been revealed!

Kotobukiya ARTFX+ TC-14 Protocol Droid Statue A lot of people loathe Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Loathe it. Me? I love it. Love it. So when Kotobukoya started churning out Astromech Droid exclusives from Episode I, I was on cloud nine and perfectly content to hunt them down at hefty aftermarket prices (the amount I paid for my Celebration exclusive Kotobukiya R2-A6 still stings!).

But perhaps this year, Barnes & Noble wanted to branch out and have a different kind of droid as an exclusive. And if so, who better for Koto to produce to pal around with those ARTFX+ Astromech Droids than the second best-known protocol droid in the entire Star Wars saga:  TC-14!

Kotobukiya TC-14 Star Wars Statue Barnes & Noble ExclusiveA silver analog of C-3PO, the feminine TC-14 is the first droid to appear in Episode I: The Phantom Menace–which makes it also the first droid to appear (and speak!) chronologically across all of Star Wars! In fact, TC-14 has previously had her own Hasbro 4″ and 12″ action figures, a Fighter Pod, a LEGO TC-14 minifigure, and even a Kubrick! Not bad for a random protocol droid, huh?

And while the Koto Barnes & Noble exclusive TC-14 statue won’t come with her trademark serving platter (this mold just isn’t designed for that), just like in the Star Wars Episode I movie, the 1/10th scale TC-14 statue (which stands 6.5″ tall) will be an eye-grabbing vac-metallized silver! She looks great, and will make a great companion for C-3PO on the shelf!

TC-14 Kotobukiya Star Wars Statue Exclusive Barnes & NobleAccording to Kotobukiya’s announcement at San Diego Comic-Con 2015, the ARTFX+ TC-14 Kotobukiya statue will be limited to 1500 pieces produced. That’s only 30 statues per state in the U.S.–quite a small number for a Star Wars exclusive.

Maybe Koto is taking into consideration that The Phantom Menace isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite Star Wars movie, or maybe they want to keep this piece as limited and desirable as possible, but the bottom line remains the same: when all is said and done, this is going to be one of the rarest Kotobukiya Star Wars ARTFX+ statues ever produced.

Kotobukiya Barnes and Noble Exclusive TC-14 ARTFX StatueThe Kotobukiya TC-14 statue is scheduled to be released in November 2015, and will be exclusively sold at Barnes and Noble stores and online. The droids were a tough grab for many folks last year, and with Star Wars mania in full swing this winter, I expect TC-14 to be equally difficult–if not more difficult–for many fans to track down at retail. If you want this statue, you’ll definitely want to start tracking one down as soon as it hits stores this November!

I’ll post an update here and to the Star Wars Toy News Facebook Page once TC-14 hits stores, so keep your eyes peeled if this is a figure you’re determined to own. Will you be adding this 6.5″ TC-14 statue to your collection to give C-3PO a lady friend, Star Wars fans? Or do you have no place in your collection for an inconsequential (albeit beautiful) silver protocol droid?

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