Kotobukiya Star Wars Exclusive Utapau Clone Trooper Statue!

At San Diego Comic-Con 2015, Kotobukiya revealed their Star Wars Barnes & Noble exclusive ARTFX+ statues for the year. One is the silver TC-14 protocol droid I discussed previously, and the other one is a clone of a different color–literally! Coming this November, it’s Barnes & Noble’s first non-droid exclusive (and a statue I could have swore I already owned): the Kotobukiya Utapaun Clone Trooper ARTFX+ statue!

Kotobukiya 2015 Exclusive Utapaun Clone Trooper ARTFX+ StatueEverybody loves clones! Or, well… there were at least a couple of years where everybody loved clones. But after years of merchandising companies milking every canonical and Expanded Universe iteration of clone troopers imaginable, many Star Wars collectors got a little burned out on clones.

But during the height of Clone-Mania, Kotobukiya released a SDCC 2009 exclusive Utapau Clone Trooper ARTFX+ statue. This sixth scale statue used to sell for mucho dinero, but today the figure fetches about $100 on the aftermarket.

Barnes & Noble Exclusive Utapau Clone Trooper Statue BackMy wife is a big-time clone lover (how many of you gents can say that?), so we happen to own the ARTFX Utapau Clone Trooper statue. So when I saw that Koto had announced an exclusive Barnes and Noble Utapau Clone ARTFX+ statue at SDCC 2015, I temporarily was confused and thought it was a rehash of a preexisting product.

Star Wars ARTFX+ Utapau Clone Trooper Figure Barnes and Noble ExclusiveAs it turns out, though, the Utapaun Clone Troopers are the most major variation of Clone Troopers that Kotobukiya hadn’t¬†yet released in the 1/10th ARTFX+ statues scale (we already have plain, red Shock Troopers and blue 501st clones, of course). And so, though I could have sworn that we already owned it, it turns out that the Utapau Clone Trooper Barnes and Noble exclusive statue really is a genuine first in that scale for Koto.

And what’s also a first is that Kotobukiya is finally releasing an individual Clonetrooper as part of the ARTFX+ line! Up until now, fans had to purchase their 1/10th clones in expensive two-packs, but for the first time ever, this B&N Utapau Clone Troooer ARTFX+ figure will be a single-packed clone. Very cool!

Kotobukiya Utapau Clone Trooper ARTFX+ Statue Pointing PoseBut even though this Utapaun Clone Trooper ARTFX+ statue is going to be sold individually, that doesn’t mean that all of your clone statues are going to be, well, ‘clones’ of each other. Koto is including extra interchangeable arms and legs with each statue sold, so you’ll be able to create four unique poses (standing, pointing, crouching, etc.) to build your own squad of unique troopers with! Thanks, Koto!

The Kotobukiya exclusive Star Wars Utapau Clone Trooper ARTFX+ statue will be available at Barnes and Noble stores starting in November 2015. I haven’t heard the edition size for this figure, but if its run size is comparable to TC-14’s (LE 1500), then I definitely would anticipate this limited edition clone statue to sell out very quickly.

Utapau Clone Trooper ARTFX+ Statue Kotobukiya Star WarsI’ll post updates here and on the Star Wars Toy News Facebook Page once the ARTFX+ Utapaun Clone pops up in stores. He’s orange and a clone, so that means he’ll be becoming a member of our family once he’s released.

What about you, Star Wars collectors? Will this exclusive Koto Utapau Clone Trooper ARTFX+ figure be joining your collection, or are you all clone-d out from the hundreds (or thousands) of clone collectibles released over the years?

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