Hasbro Star Wars 2017 4″ Figures Wave 1 Case Ratios & Pre-Order!

It’s been a wee bit quiet on the 4″ front since the Hasbro Star Wars Rogue One Wave 2 figures (including Director Krennic) were released back in October, but the wait for the next wave is coming to an end! The first 2017 Star Wars Universe wave of 4″ figures will be coming our way later this month, and it includes four new Rogue One figures, as well as the much-anticipated Rebels Thrawn figure and a repacked of a hotly-demanded figure…

Hasbro Star Wars 2017 Wave 1 4" Deathtrooper Shoretrooper Jyn Erso

The case ratios for the 2017 Star Wars Universe figures are as follows:

  • (2) Rebels Princess Leia Organa
  • (2) Rebels Grand Admiral Thrawn
  • (2) Rogue One Bodhi Rook
  • (2) Rogue One Jyn Erso in Imperial Ground Crew Disguise
  • (2) Rogue One Shoretrooper
  • (2) Rogue One Death Trooper

All things considered, I would say that this is a pretty fantastic case assortment! Equal ratios for all six characters, two full sets of figures per case, and the only repacked figure being the Rebels Princess Leia figure that has been a fast sellout in basically every region of the country.

rebels-grand-admiral-thrawn-figure-hasbro-2017The Grand Admiral Thrawn Rebels figure debuted at Star Wars Celebration Europe in the UK during the summer, while the Rogue One figures debuted during the Hasbro Star Wars panel on the first day of New York Comic Con 2016. Thrawn seems like he’ll be the hot figure from this wave for obvious reasons.

Hasbro Rogue One Bodhi Rook Figure

The Imperial Disguise Jyn Erso figure is pretty bland since it seems to just kitbash together the preexisting Imperial Ground Crew and Jyn Erso figures, but the Death Trooper and Shore Trooper figures are both going to be hugely popular with collectors.

Meanwhile, the core Rebels group from Rogue One will be complete with the Bodhi Rook figure that rounds out this assortment! A 6″ Black Series Bodhi Rook figure still hasn’t been announced–could this be the only Hasbro version that we get for now?

Star Wars Rogue One Wave 2 Princess Leia Figure 4 InchThe Hasbro Star Wars 2017 3 3/4″ Wave 1 figures are now available for order as a set from BBTS, and are scheduled to be released in December 2016 (so literally any day now). As the set is priced at just $49.99 ($8.33 per figure!), I felt no guilt just ordering the figures online and skipping going out to stores to hunt altogether. The figures aren’t available as individuals at this time, as they’re even-packed and BBTS doesn’t have any extra singles to spare without breaking up their sets.

What do you think of first wave of Star Wars Universe figures for 2017? Will you be picking up a whole set of these figures, army-building just the troops, or skipping this wave altogether?

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