Gentle Giant Ceremonial Leia Mini Bust Up for Order!

While I visited the Gentle Giant booth every day of Star Wars Celebration Orlando last month, I didn’t get to get any of their exclusives because of the crazy, convoluted style of lottery you had to win just for a chance to buy them. ┬áBut while I didn’t physically get anything new from Gentle Giant Ltd. at the show, I did get to see some new products on display for the first time. And several of those new items are now available, including the Gentle Giant Ceremonial Leia Mini Bust that’s now up for order!

Gentle Giant Ceremonial Leia Mini Bust with Luke and Han Busts

Mini Bust collecting as a whole is definitely dying out, but Gentle Giant continues to fight the good fight with several new Star Wars mini busts each year nonetheless.

And while Lobot, perhaps the most-requested remaining Star Wars bust (no, seriously–people are rabid for Lobot) is finally coming this year a Premier Guild Member exclusive, Gentle Giant will also finally be completing the long incomplete A New Hope Ceremonial trio with Ceremonial Princess Leia Organa!

Celebration Orlando Gentle Giant Booth Leia Bust Hero of YavinAfter seeing it up-close and personal at Celebration 2017 last month, I’ve got mixed feeling feelings about this Ceremonial Princess Leia bust. On the one hand, the necklace, the dress, and even Princess Leia’s hair all look really terrific and quite pretty on this statue.

Close-Up of Princess Leia Organa Ceremonial Mini Bust Star Wars Celebration 2017And hey, she’s even hot an extra medal to go with the ones that already came with Han and Luke–now Chewbacca can finally have a medal of his very own! (Right?)

On the other hand… I just don’t see Carrie Fisher in the likeness from the head-on view. Stephanie McMahon, yes–Carrie Fisher, no.

Side View of Gentle Giant Ceremonial Princess Leia Bust

In the olden days of $50-$70 busts, the Gentle Giant Ceremonial Leia would have been a purchase for me regardless of a questionable Carrie Fisher likeness.

But in the present day where mini busts run $100-$120 each, I’m going to give this piece a pass and hope that in-hand photos and impressions from other collectors will be so glowing that this mini bust winds up winning me over in the end.

Princess Leia Hero of Yavin Mini Bust Gentle Giant LtdThe Gentle Giant Princess Leia Ceremonial Mini Bust is now up for order, and is scheduled to be released in October 2017. With Princess Leia merchandise selling like wildfire after Carrie Fisher’s death, I’d anticipate this being one of the better-selling Gentle Giant busts in quite some time.

What do you think of the latest Gentle Giant Ltd. mini bust, Star Wars collectors? How do you feel about the Carrie Fisher portrait on this sculpture, and how do you feel about the piece as a whole? Will this mini bust be joining your A New Hope collection this fall?

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