Funko Smuggler’s Bounty Droids Box Spoilers Review Photos!

The most-anticipated comic convention of the year is finally here: San Diego Comic-Con 2017 begins tomorrow! But before SDCC 2017 coverage can begin, I want to stop and take a look at the latest bi-monthly Star Wars treat from Funko–the Funko Smuggler’s Bounty Droids box! The Funko Jedi box is now available for order, and if its contents are anywhere near as enticing as those in this box, no one is going to want to miss it…

Funko Smugglers Bounty Droids Box Review Unboxing Spoilers

If there’s one thing in the Star Wars universe that’s an instant buy for me, it’s droids. While I’m not a completist of any particular series, I do own every Star Wars droid toy ever released by Kotobukiya, Gentle Giant, LEGO and Funko.

So when Funko announced that the July 2017 Smuggler’s Bounty box theme was “Droids”? Yup–cue the “Take my money” meme. Pretty much anything Funko put in this box would have made me happy–but what’s actually in the box makes me downright ecstatic. Let’s take a look…

Smuggler's Bounty C-3PO Patch Droids BoxUpon opening the box (the cover of which is decorated with a black-and-white Astromech droid which could be any unit, but which is most likely R2-D2), we come to this month’s additions to the Smuggler’s Bounty pin and patch collection.

For the patch, we’ve got C-3PO in his iconic fully-covered form (that distinction will be important shortly), with a little R2-D2 off to the side! Artoo and Threepio are the most famous and recognizable droids ever, so this choice is a no-brainer. Looks great.

Funko Battle Droid Pin Smuggler's Bounty Droids BoxThe pin this month is a Battle Droid! I was half-hoping for a Battle Droid POP Vinyl since these particular droids are a bit niche in popularity and who knows when or if they’ll be available at retail, but it’s tough to complain given the actual POPs in the subscription box. Moreover, the Battle Droid pin looks sharp–I approve!

Smuggler's Bounty Droids Box Shirt ReviewOpening the box further, we come to the T-Shirt (there’s no contents card this month, for whatever reason, but September’s theme is “Jedi” and is now available for order).

The T-Shirt is not only comfortable and fits well, but is also pretty adorable this month! It features R2-D2 and BB-8 projecting the complete map to Luke Skywalker from the end of “The Force Awakens”. Two of my favorite droids in stylized form from a crucial scene adorning my shirt? What’s not to love?

Funko C-3PO Unfinished POP Vinyls Figure 181Finally, we come to the “main event”: two brand-new Star Wars POP Vinyls droids that feature new molding! As there is new tooling for both figures, they each have a unique numbering designation (#180 and #181) in the numbers sequence.

Funko POP Unfinished C-3PO Figure Box SideThe headliner here, announced in advance of the box, is an Episode I C-3PO POP from The Phantom Menace! I’m not ashamed of TPM being my favorite Star Wars movie, so I was over the moon (or is that actually a space station?) pleased with this choice.

Box Back C-3PO Unfinished Funko POP Vinyl Episode IC-3PO appears here without his coverings and with his wires showing, as kid Anakin Skywalker hasn’t had time to finish him yet. Now that we have POPs of Qui-Gon, C-3PO (Unfinished), Young Anakin Skywalker and Jar Jar Binks, is it too much to hope for that an Episode I Obi-Wan Kenobi could be in the September box…?

Funko R5-D4 POP Vinyls Exclusive ReviewIt’s hard to imagine that Funko could put something into this box that I would like even more than a Phantom Menace C-3PO, but believe it or not, that’s what happened–it’s the first-ever POP of R5-D4, who’s tied with R4-P17 (Obi-Wan’s trusted Astromech droid) as my favorite droid in the galaxy!

Box Side Smuggler's Bounty Droids R5-D4 POP Vinyl

R5-D4 is famous for being part of the second wave of vintage Kenner Star Wars figures ever 39 years ago, and also for being the legendary “Skippy the Droid Jedi” character in the defunct EU. “Bad motivator”? I think not!

The exclusive Funko R5-D4 POP Vinyl features a ton of paint weathering (he is on Tatooine, after all) and a new dome. He might be just a smidge too yellow, but I want to hug him nonetheless. Love this POP, and this box!

Funko POP Vinyls Droids Box Review SpoilersOverall, I am beyond pleased with this Smuggler’s Bounty Droids box personally, as it contains two exclusive POP Vinyls with new tooling, as well as a really fun T-Shirt and a great patch/pin combo. I think it’s unlikely that anyone who loves droids (and if you don’t, why’d you order this box?) would be disappointed in this box–frankly, it’s easily my favorite Smuggler’s Bounty box to date and well, well worth the price of admission.


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