Funko Rogue One POP Vinyls Revealed & Photos!

And so it begins! Though Funko isn’t allowed to begin selling their Star Wars Rogue One POP Vinyls just yet, the veritable onslaught of Funko Rogue One POPs can now begin with the very first five vinyl figures in the line having been revealed today: Felicity Jones’ Rebel protagonist Jyn Erso and the movie’s villain, Director Orson Krennic, are joined by Funko POP K-2SO, Captain Cassian Andor and Chirrur Imwe figures!

Funko Rogue One Captain Cassian Andor POP Vinyl Figure

Whereas last year a veil of secrecy as thick as Palpatine’s manipulations surrounded the release of the Force Awakens toys, it seems that Disney and Lucasfilm are taking a different approach this year with the Rogue One toys.

While we still can’t have the Star Wars Rogue One figures until Force Friday, we’re being allowed to see them a full month early this time!

One POP! Vinyl figure that thus far has only appeared on TV is Chirrut Imwe, who premiered on this morning’s episode of Good Morning America…

Funko Rogue One POP Vinyls Revealed Chirrut K-2SO Cassian AndorFor some reason there were two Chirrut Imwe figures shown in the lineup, although the only difference I can see between the two toys is some black squiggles on the face of the one on the left. Hmm.

After being unveiled on Good Morning America this morning, Funko has also now sent out hi-res glamour shots of K-2SO and Captain Cassian Andor.

Funko K-2SO Pop Vinyls Figure Rogue OneNote that K-2SO is a different height from the rest of the Rogue One POP Vinyls revealed thus far. While he doesn’t exactly tower over the other characters in the way that he should, he is at least noticeably taller. And in this Funko style, that little bit of added height is enough for me.

Cassian Andor Funko POP Vinyl Rogue OneMeanwhile, the Funko POP Cassian Andor figure is surprisingly clothed in his Eadu attire and not his jacketed look seen prominently in the trailers. This is an interesting choice, as Hasbro chose the same outfit for their Black Series Cassian Andor figure.

Funko Jyn Erso POP Vinyl Figure Rogue One

The Funko Jyn Erso POP Vinyl figure was debuted via Entertainment Weekly last night, before making an encore appearance on Good Morning America.

The hair color of the Jyn POP seen on GMA this morning was surprisingly lighter than the color seen in the official photos. I wonder which is true?

And finally, we’ve got the primary villain of Rogue One: the Director Krennic POP. We don’t know a whole lot about Orson Krennic yet, but he sure looks stylin’! Can some Death Trooper POPs be far behind?

Funko Rogue One Director Orson Krennic POP Vinyls FigureWhat do you think of the first five POP Vinyls revealed for the Funko Star Wars Rogue One figure series? Will you be picking up any of these POPs on Force Friday, and what other characters from the movie would you like to see Funko figures of?


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  1. These are awesome, I believe there is said to be about 18 pops for rouge one.
    I just really want an updated vader pop.