Funko Rebels Sabine POP Vinyls Walgreens Exclusive Revealed!

If there’s one thing that Funko fans love (or is it “love to hate”?), it’s Walgreens exclusives! But love them or hate them (or love to hate them), there’s no denying the Walgreens Funko POP Vinyls are some of the best-selling Star Wars POPs around. And this fall, we can plus-one to our collection of Funko Star Wars Walgreens collections, as the exclusive Funko Sabine POP Vinyl with helmet has now been revealed!


When Funko announced that we’d begin to see Star Wars Rebels POP Vinyls in 2016, I just knew that we were going to end up getting an exclusive variant of Sabine Wren. After all, Funko is the King of Exclusives and Sabine is the most natural choice to get a limited variant release.

I had my concerns that the helmeted Sabine Wren figure might be chosen for the regular release and the unhelmeted version as the limited one, but thankfully, that is not the case!

Whereas the unhelmeted Sabine POP is expected to be released at mass retail next month in great supplies, the more niche–but no less cool–Sabine with Helmet POP Vinyls figure will be getting a limited release as a Walgreens exclusive!

walgreens-exclusive-sabine-with-helmet-pop-vinyl-figureNow, I am no fan of Walgreens POP Vinyls–it took me months to find a Kit Fisto and a Plo Koon–but I’d much rather have a hard-to-find Sabine Helmeted POP Vinyl than none at all.

And hey, I’m thrilled that the unhelmeted version will be getting a full release–I really feared Disney would insist on “hiding” Sabine was a girl by making the helmeted version the mass-release one.

I also love how bright and vibrant this figure is! It’s really unlike anything else in the Star Wars POP Vinyls series thus far. I feel like this cartoon-based Rebels series of vinyl figures is going to be a huge hit (especially with kids)!

funko-star-wars-sabine-with-helmet-walgreens-exclusive-boxThe Helmeted Sabine Funko POP Vinyl figure is already available online via Australian retailer Popcultcha, but unfortunately Popcultcha is no longer permitted to ship to the United States. We’ll just have to wait until Walgreens stores get their shipments to begin our own bounty hunts!

What do you think of the Funko Helmeted Sabine figure being released as a Walgreens exclusive, Rebels fans? Did Funko pick the right variant to be given a limited release, or do you think both versions could have sold well as non-exclusives in stores around the world?

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