Funko Maz Kanata POP Vinyl Review! (Target Exclusive)

Because of the fact that Maz Kanata was a fully computer-rendered character and merchandisers didn’t have final reference materials for her until late in product development, we haven’t gotten ┬ámuch Maz merch to-date. In fact, Hasbro only released one 3.75″ Maz Kanata figure in a box set. But there’s one company that releases two figures of Maz Kanata–Funko! Let’s take a look at the Target Exclusive Maz Kanata POP Vinyl figure without glasses…

Funko Maz Kanata POP Vinyls Exclusive ReviewThe Right:

Given that Maz Kanata has quite a bit of dialogue in Star Wars The Force Awakens and interacts with most of the main characters in a pivotal scene, you might expect that merch for the old smuggler would be plentiful.

But as it turns out, there are really only four figures of Maz Kanata in circulation: a Hasbro 4″ figure, a LEGO Minifigure and two POP Vinyls. I decided to review the rarest of the four tonight: the glasses-less Maz Kanata Funko POP Vinyls figure.

Target Exclusive Maz Kanata Funko POP Vinyl PackagedAs this figure has a newly-tooled head and arms, it also gets the unique numbering designation of #118 in the Star Wars POP Vinyls checklist (the Maz with glasses POP is #108).

Box Back Glasses Less Maz Kanata Funko POPThese exclusive variants always feel more special and worthwhile when they get a unique number, so the numbering earns a smile and a special mention from me.

Target Funko Exclusive POP Maz Kanata Box SideI hadn’t looked at the prototype for this figure closely, so I was stunned to realize that Funko hadn’t just stuck a new head on regular Maz’s body–they gave her a whole new body mold!

Back of Maz Kanata POP Vinyls FigureI’ll talk about the authenticity of the body developed for this figure in a bit, but big thumbs up for making this a truly unique figure and not just a repack with a new head. I love when Funko goes the extra mile.

Force Awakens POP Vinyls 118 Maz Kanata Without GogglesIn past years, Funko has really missed the mark (literally) with some of their paintwork. Luckily, they’ve gotten worlds better in the past few years, and the paint apps on all of Maz’s detailing are cleanly-applied and her colorful apparel looks terrific.

Funko Star Wars 118 Maz Kanata POP Vinyl FigureIn addition, I’m always pleased when a female Star Wars POP! Vinyl figure can stand on its own stably without the removable base, and Maz Kanata stands just fine without her figure stand.

Maz Kanata Exclusive POP Vinyl Target Review

I applaud Funko for not only giving this figure a newly-sculpted head, but also a body mold that is totally different from the regular release! While the regular version of this figure just has casual arms at her side, this time Maz is holding Luke’s lightsaber in her hands.

I’m ashamed to say that I had to actually go back and watch that scene to verify it, but Maz Kanata does indeed pull up her goggles while discussing Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber with Rey! High marks for authenticity and attention to detail for sure!

POP Maz Kanata Without Glasses In BubbleThe Wrong:

Honestly, I’ve got nothing. This is a straight-up fantastic figure. Beautiful work by Funko here, and easily one of their best Episode VII POPs.

Funko POP Vinyls Maz Kanata Target Exclusive FigureOverall: This is a cute exclusive variant of Maz Kanata, and the lightsaber-holding pose created for the glasses-less look for her was a very nice surprise. This is one of the more adorable Force Awakens POP Vinyls and a character variant we’re not likely to ever see revisited. For under 10 bucks at Target, she’s a great buy for fans of Maz Kanata and The Force Awakens. Recommended.


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