Exclusive Black Series Snoke on Throne & Guardians of Evil Pack!

If you’re a Star Wars Black Series 6″ figure collector, get ready for your wallet to be laid waste to! While last year there were relatively slim pickings as far as Rogue One exclusives went, this year, things are a lot different. How different? How about the fact that there’s five exclusive figures (and a throne!) that are going to set you back $135… just at GameStop. The Exclusive Black Series Snoke and Guardians of Evil are now up for order!

Star Wars Black Series Guardians of Evil Four Pack Exclusive

While Hasbro was pretty sneaky this year and managed to keep quite a few of their Force Friday II exclusives secret, GameStop tried their hardest to foil Hasbro’s plans, with database listings for these 6″ figure sets popping up literally weeks ago.

But once again, just knowing something is coming isn’t the same as seeing it, so it’s still like Christmas morning getting to see the hi-res photos of some very cool new Black Series figures!

Gamestop Exclusive Black Series Supreme Leader Snoke Figure on ThroneThe big deal (no, not Finn) from these reveals is definitely the first-ever 6″ Supreme Leader Snoke figure, who will come complete with a soft goods robe and a throne to sit upon. Maybe the robe will look better in person, but it looks awful to me in these photos.

The throne looks nice, and it ought to, since it’s costing us an extra 15 bucks: Black Series Snoke will retail for $34.99. Ouch.

Of course, 35 bucks is a drop in the bucket compared to the $99.99 that the Black Series Guardians of Evil 4-Pack will retail for! Unlike Snoke, this 4-Pack will be available at the Disney Store and Barnes and Noble as well as GameStop.

Star Wars Black Series Senate Guard and Royal Guard 6 Inch Figures

The set includes one previously-released figure in the Emperor’s Royal Guard, but c’mon–I think we all could use more Emperor’s Royal Guards in our collections. When that’s the one repack in a box set, you’re doing fine!

From the other three figures in th set, I genuinely can’t pick a favorite. I adore the prequel-era blue Senate Guard (who I never expected a six inch figure of). But I’m equally surprised to see a black Royal Guard as well: Resurrected from the now-defunct EU, it’s the Black Series Shadow Guard (from “Force Unleashed”)!

Black Series Shadow Guard and Elite Praetorian Guard Guardians of EvilThe third and final Praetorian Guard iteration also appears exclusively in this set, armed with dual bladed weapons only available in the Guardians of Evil Pack. All in all, this is one of the most desirable 6″ Star Wars multipacks that Hasbro has ever done!

The Exclusive Black Series Guardians of Evil and Supreme Leader Snoke figures should be up for order on Gamestop’s website at midnight tonight, and are expected to ship out soon (if not immediately). I’ll post an update once we receive clarification on if these figures are actually ready to ship, or just ready for pre-order tonight. I’ll also be checking physical Gamestops on Force Friday II to see if any of them have the sets in-store already.

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