Celebration: Star Wars Black Series Luke’s Landspeeder Revealed!

When Hasbro debuted the first of its Star Wars Celebration Orlando reveals yesterday–Rey’s Force Awakens Speeder–some fans called foul that we were getting Rey’s Speeder and not Luke’s in the 40th Anniversary year. Well, now everybody can be happy, because it turns out that we’re getting both: the Star Wars Black Series Luke Skywalker Landspeeder set has now been revealed!

Star Wars Celebration is really feeling like a major SDCC/NYCC-like toy event this year, what with a huge number of exclusives from just Funko, and now Hasbro unexpectedly debuting multiple Black Series vehicle sets at the show!

While we’ve seen Luke’s Landspeeder from A New Hope released about a billion times over the years in 3.75″ and even LEGO form, one thing we’ve never seen until this week is a 6″ scale Landspeeder. 

That said, the proportions on this Black Series Landspeeder are looking clearly too small to me. I’m hoping that it’s just a trick of the camera, but we’ll know definitively later this week, as Hasbro will have the actual prototype on display at their Celebration Orlando booth. 

Meanwhile, the 6″ Black Series Luke Skywalker figure is back for a third go-around–but this time with a new head and a ton of accessories! Luke will come packaged with his macrobinoculars, his legendary deleted scenes floppy hat with goggles, a lightsaber hilt and a slugthrower rifle. 

I’m not exactly delighted to be buying this figure yet again, but hey–at least he comes with a new head and a ton of new stuff this time out!

The Hasbro Black Series Luke Skywalker’s X-34 Landspeeder Deluxe set will be released this fall (likely on Force Friday II at the start of September), and will retail for $59.99. 

I’ll be at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 all weekend long posting news and photos to the Star Wars Toy News Twitter Feed and Facebook Page, so be sure to check those out for tidbits from the show as often as I can remember to post them. 

Based on our first look at it, what do you think of the Black Series X-34 Landspeeder, Star Wars collectors? Did Hasbro nail this iconic vehicle, or are you not sold on their interpretation of Luke’s Landspeeder just yet?

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