Celebration Exclusive Funko POP Thrawn Hoth Leia & More!

It’s hard to keep a secret in the modern collecting world, especially when that secret is shared with exclusive retailers. That’s why, even though Funko didn’t announce the remainder of their Star Wars Celebration Orlando exclusives until today, the POPs revealed have all been common knowledge for months. Even so, Funko did have some non-POP Vinyls surprises for us, and it’s hard not to get excited for exclusive POP Vinyls such as Grand Admiral Thrawn, Hoth Leia and more!

Funko Star Wars Celebration Orlando Exclusives Wave 2

I was thrown for a little bit of a loop when Funko announced their first batch of Star Wars Celebration exclusives, as the Rey with Speeder POP Vinyls Deluxe set was not something I was anticipating.

The remaining Celebration POP Vinyls revealed today, though, well… I was expecting (as was pretty much every other Funko collector out there). But while the Star Wars POPs revealed were all ones we knew were coming, it doesn’t make the choices any less thrilling!

Funko Thrawn POP Vinyl Celebration Exclusive Grand AdmiralThe “main event” of this batch is of course the most famous Expanded Universe character ever: the Funko Grand Admiral Thrawn POP Vinyl! A Funko Thrawn would have never happened if he had remained a Legends books-only character, but once he showed up in the Rebels cartoon series, he was a lock.

Thrawn is expected to be a shared exclusive with Toys R Us stores next month, so don’t tremble in fear if you aren’t attending Celebration (or will be but don’t win their lottery for a ticket).

Funko Celebration Orlando Exclusive Hoth Leia POP Vinyl FigureThe Funko POP Hoth Leia and Hooded Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight figures that were revealed on the back of another figure’s packaging last fall will also be rolling out as Celebration Orlando exclusives. Any Leia merch is super-hot right now due to Carrie Fisher’s passing, so there’s no doubt her Celebration exclusive is going to be a popular one.

Funko Hooded Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight POP Vinyl Celebration ExclusiveThe Hoth Leia Funko POP will be a shared exclusive with Hot Topic, while the Hooded Luke POP will be at GameStop stores in the U.S. next month.

Funko 442nd Clone Trooper POP Vinyl Celebration ExclusiveRounding out the Celebration Orlando POP Vinyls is the Funko 442nd Clone Trooper! When this figure wasn’t announced as an ECCC Exclusive this month, we all knew he’d be showing his face (okay, helmet) at Celebration–and now we have confirmation that he is.

The 442nd Clone POP is a shared exclusive with FYE Stores, which means he may be a bit more difficult to acquire than the other shared exclusives from the show.

Funko-Galactic-Plushies-Jabba-the-Hutt-and-Salacious-Crumb-Two-PackFinally, we’ve got three more exclusives that are likely to not be shared with other retailers. First, it’s the first ever Galactic Plushies exclusives from Funko: a two pack with Salacious Crumb and a big Jabba Hutt! This is honestly cuter than any Jabba has a right to be.

Funko Mini Hikari Greedo Green Gold Two-Pack Star Wars Celebration

In addition, for the Hikari addicts like me, there’s not one! Not two! Not three! But four Funko Greedo Mini Hikaris spread across two two-packs! Looks like we’ll be getting a green/yellow Greedo Hikari pack and also a blue and clear glitter pack. I love me some Hikari, but not everyone else does, so I’m not going to hold my breath for a shared exclusive retailer for these to be announced.

As of now, we know the shared exclusive destinations (if any) of all of the exclusive POP Vinyls except Garindan, Action Pose Han Solo, Rey with Speeder and Imperial Disguise Chopper.

Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Greedo Mini Hikari Blue Clear Two PackI’ll post an update here and to the Star Wars Toy News Facebook Page once we learn where (if anywhere) the remainder of the Funko exclusives will be shared, and I’ll also be posting any remaining major exclusives announced for the event by Gentle Giant Ltd., Sideshow Collectibles, LEGO and other stragglers.

Now that we know each and every one of the 2017 Star Wars Celebration Orlando Funko exclusives, what do you think, Star Wars fans? Will you be hunting down all of these exclusives, just chasing after your favorites, or saving your dollars for something totally different from Celebration?


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