Gentle Giant Ceremonial Leia Mini Bust Up for Order!

Gentle Giant Ceremonial Leia Mini Bust with Luke and Han Busts

While I visited the Gentle Giant booth every day of Star Wars Celebration Orlando last month, I didn’t get to get any of their exclusives because of the crazy, convoluted style of lottery you had to win just for a chance to buy them. But while I didn’t physically get anything new from Gentle Giant Ltd. at the show, I did get to see some new products on display for the first time. And several of those new items are now available, including the Gentle Giant Ceremonial Leia Mini Bust that’s now up for order!

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Celebration Exclusive McQuarrie Han Solo Bust & Jumbo Dianoga!

Star Wars Celebration Orlando Gentle Giant Exclusives

Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 is just ten days away, but the exclusives for the show are still being revealed! And today, we finally learned the Gentle Giant Celebration Orlando Exclusives–one of which was somewhat predictable, and one of which something I’m betting no one expected! Coming to Star Wars Celebration 2017 next week: the Gentle Giant McQuarrie Han Solo Mini Bust… and Jumbo Dianoga Trash Monster figure!

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2017 Star Wars Celebration Orlando Pins Full List & Photos!

Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Trading Pins Complete List

ReedPOP has been teasing the 2017 Star Wars Celebration Orlando Trading Pins set for months now, and with just over two weeks to go until the beginning of the show, the full lineup of all 40 pins has finally been released! If you want to complete your Star Wars Celebration 2017 pins set, I hope you’re ready for a bounty hunt ready for Boba Fett himself, because there are blind box pins, exhibitor exclusives, staff trading exclusives, 3-packs and more!

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Funko Celebration Exclusives! Holo Qui Gon Jinn POP & More!

Star Wars Celebration Orlando Funko Exclusives Qui Gon Jinn Chopper Garindan

Funko has long-earned the title of “King of Exclusives” from me with very good cause–and they’re demonstrating it in perfect form once again today! Whereas other companies have been slowly revealing their small handful of 1-4 exclusives, Funko struck hard today with a full half-dozen exclusive reveals… and the promise of a second half of reveals later this week! For now, let’s check out Holographic Qui Gon Jinn, Garindan, Rey on Speeder and more…

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Star Wars Celebration Orlando Hallmark Exclusives Revealed!

Hallmark Star Wars Celebration Orlando Exclusives 2017

With under a month to go until Star Wars Celebration Orlando begins, we’ve slowly but surely learned almost all of the Celebration Orlando Exclusives. And while I didn’t have much in the way of expectations for Hallmark at the show, it turns out there are some pretty fun Hallmark Celebration Orlando Exclusives lined up for us–including a McQuarrie Stormtrooper Ornament and a pseudo-chase Blue Snaggletooth Itty-Bittys plush!

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Rogue One Gentle Giant Bistan Mini Bust Photos & Up for Order!

Close-Up of Gentle Giant Bistan Mini Bust Star Wars Rogue One

With the thick veil of secrecy obscuring each new Star Wars movie now coming out, sometimes toy manufacturers end up producing collectibles of characters that aren’t quite as significant as they may have believed. Such was the case with poor, tragic Constable Zuvio in The Force Awakens, and such is the case with the subject of today’s article. This weekend Gentle Giant Ltd. announced the second rebel character in their Rogue One mini bust line, and soon to be joining Jyn Erso… Bistan the “Space Monkey” is now up for order!?

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Exclusive Hasbro Black Series Shadow Stormtrooper Helmet!


UPDATE 9/30/2016: The Amazon Exclusive Black Series Shadow Stormtrooper Helmet is now up for order!

When the first three Hasbro Star Wars Rogue One toys went up for order at the start of the month, it wasn’t the 6″ Black Series Jyn Erso figure or the U-Wing vehicle that sold out first (in fact, those are still available for pre-order at discounted prices right now). No, it was the Black Series Electronic Stormtrooper helmet that quickly sold through. So clearly there’s quite a bit of buzz surrounding this wearable prop replica helmet. And Amazon intends to capitalize–the Amazon exclusive Black Series Shadow Stormtrooper helmet has now been revealed!

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Target Exclusive Jakks Unmasked Kylo Ren vs Rey 18″!


The day has almost arrived: In just two short nights we’ll all be lining up at our local Toys R Us stores for our first official opportunity to buy Star Wars Rogue One toys! But there’s some toys we won’t be able to get at the stroke of midnight… because they’re store exclusives for stores not opening at midnight! One of these items is a Target Exclusive addition to the popular line of low-priced Jakks Star Wars Big Figs: 18″ Unmasked Kylo Ren vs Rey figures!

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Star Wars Rogue One Elite Series Figures Revealed!

Chirrut Imwe Elite Series Figure Disney Store Rogue One

Well here’s some unexpected–and pleasant–news to wake up to! While only four Hasbro Black Series Rogue One 6″ figures from the movie will be available on Force Friday, Hasbro is being one-upped–by the Disney Store, of all places! The 6.5″ die-cast Rogue One Elite Series have been announced, with seven figures including three Rebels who won’t be available at launch from Hasbro…

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Gentle Giant Maz Kanata Bust Photos & Order Info!

Close-Up of Maz Kanata Mini-Bust

Well, isn’t that just always the way…? After I posted my review of the exclusive Funko Maz Kanata POP Vinyl figure this week and complained about the lack of Maz Kanata toys in it, Gentle Giant just had to go and invalidate me by soliciting a new Maz product the very next day.

But hey, I’m honestly not complaining, because I love this statue–the Star Wars Maz Kanata mini bust is now up for order! And if you’re a PGM member, there’s even an exclusive…

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