Walmart Exclusive Funko Vintage Star Wars POP Vinyls 3-Pack!


It was less than a week ago that fans were requesting vintage toy-colored Star Wars POP Vinyls on forums and social media, leading Funko CEO Brian Mariotti to tease that we’d be seeing that fan request “soon”–but I don’t think anyone realized how soon! Always eager to please collectors, Funko has officially revealed their upcoming Walmart Exclusive Funko Vintage Star Wars POP Vinyls figures of Greedo, Hammerhead and the first-ever Walrus Man POP Vinyl!

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Target Funko POP Young Anakin Skywalker Released!

Funko Anakin Skywalker POP Vinyls Released

I’ve been going a little crazy toy hunting for the past week because my absolute favorite Star Wars character ever is finally appearing in POP form. That’s right: Darth Vader… as a really annoying 10 year-old! Funko has been showing prequel lovers some love this year with three exclusive Star Wars POPs from the prequels. Thankfully, unlike Qui-Gon Jinn, we won’t have to win a lottery and fight a mob to get this one: it’s the Funko Young Anakin Skywalker POP Vinyls figure!

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Funko Star Wars Rebels POP Vinyls Up for Order & Hi-Res Photos!


Last week, Funko made the flowers of love blossom in the hearts of Star Wars animated series fans when the Walgreens exclusive Helmeted Sabine and Hot Topic exclusive Ahsoka POPs were revealed. And today, the other shoe has dropped and the rest of the crew of the Ghost has arrived: the Funko Rebels POP Vinyls figures have now been fully revealed and are up for order, including Chopper, Ezra, Hera and Kanan Jarrus!

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NYCC 2016 Exclusive Funko POP Vinyls Qui-Gon Jinn & Bistan!


Funko Star Wars POP Vinyl collectors knew something was up when Gamestop stores cancelled thousands of pre-orders for the Qui-Gon Jinn POP Vinyl earlier this week, and now we know why.

The Star Wars NYCC 2016 Funko POP Vinyls exclusives have been announced: a Bistan from Rogue One and a sure-to-be-rare Qui-Gon Jinn POP Vinyl limited to just 2000 pieces produced!

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Funko Rebels Sabine POP Vinyls Walgreens Exclusive Revealed!


If there’s one thing that Funko fans love (or is it “love to hate”?), it’s Walgreens exclusives! But love them or hate them (or love to hate them), there’s no denying the Walgreens Funko POP Vinyls are some of the best-selling Star Wars POPs. And this fall, we can plus-one our collection of Funko Star Wars Walgreens collections, as the exclusive Funko Sabine POP Vinyl with helmet has now been revealed!

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Funko Smuggler’s Bounty Death Star Box Review Photos & Spoilers

Funko Smuggler's Bounty Death Star Box Review Spoilers

There are months when Funko misses the mark with their specialty subscription boxes. Thankfully, this is not one of them! Just in time for the hugely-hyped Smuggler’s Bounty Rogue One box to go up for order, the much-anticipated Funko Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty Death Star Box has now arrived–and it may be the best Star Wars box yet! Read on for my photos, review and full spoilers for the Death Star Box…

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Funko Rogue One POP Vinyls Revealed & Photos!

Funko Star Wars Rogue One K-2SO POP Vinyl Box

And so it begins! Though Funko isn’t allowed to begin selling their Star Wars Rogue One POP Vinyls just yet, the veritable onslaught of Funko Rogue One POPs can now begin with the very first five vinyl figures in the line having been revealed today: Felicity Jones’ Rebel protagonist Jyn Erso and the movie’s villain, Director Orson Krennic, are joined by Funko POP K-2SO, Captain Cassian Andor and Chirrur Imwe figures!

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Funko Maz Kanata POP Vinyl Review! (Target Exclusive)

Funko Maz Kanata POP Vinyls Exclusive Review

Because of the fact that Maz Kanata was a fully computer-rendered character and merchandisers didn’t have final reference materials for her until late in product development, we haven’t gotten much Maz merch to-date. In fact, Hasbro only released one 3.75″ Maz Kanata figure in a box set. But there’s one company that releases two figures of Maz Kanata–Funko! Let’s take a look at the Target Exclusive Maz Kanata POP Vinyl figure without glasses…

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Funko Max Rebo POP Vinyls Exclusive Figure Revealed!

Specialty Series Star Wars POP Vinyl Max Rebo Packaged

Funko is the King of All Exclusives when it comes to toys, and this summer they’ve added another branch to their royal repertoire: Specialty Store Series exclusives!

Available only from comic book and specialty stores, the first few of these exclusives were all based on Marvel and DC superheroes. But finally it’s Star Wars’ turn, and it’s a doozy: the Funko Max Rebo POP Vinyls figure has now been revealed!

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Smuggler’s Bounty Hunters Box Review & Unboxing Photos!

Funko Bounty Hunters Box Spoilers Review Unboxing Photos

It seems like just yesterday that I was speculating about the contents of the upcoming Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty Jabba’s Palace box (because it was), but as if on cue, this month’s much-hyped Funko Bounty Hunters box has arrived! Does it live up to the height…? Well, I certainly think so! Read on for my review, unboxing photos and massive spoilers for the Funko Smuggler’s Bounty Bounty Hunters box!

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