Black Series 40th Anniversary Wave 2 Figures Released!

UPDATE 5/4/2017: The 4th is with us on this fine May the 4th–the Hasbro 40th Anniversary Black Series Wave 2 figures are now up for order on EE as a full case with free shipping! Guaranteed mint cards and extra Jawas? Sign me up!

Hasbro announced the second wave of 6″ Star Wars Black Series 40th Anniversary Series figures at New York Toy Fair 2017 in February and, well… has been kind of quiet ever since. They said the wave had a June 2017 release date, but that was the last we heard. Well, looks like April is the new June, because the final six 40th Anniversary Series figures (including Jawas, Tusken Raiders and more!) has now begun to be found in the United States (and yes, they’re also already being scalped on ebay)!

Star Wars Black Series 40th Anniversary Collection Wave 2 Released

When I saw the first sightings photo hit social media last night of the Wave 2 40th Anniversary Black Series 6″ figures, I momentarily thought that it was a prank. I mean, there’s just no way that June-shipping figures should be hitting store shelves at the end of April… right?

Wrong. Following that Facebook post by Stephen Baker (from California), several other collectors also began finding remnants of the new wave (including Jimmy Allison in Colorado Spring). As unlikely (and unexpected) as it seems, it looks like Hasbro may have the new wave of Star Wars Black Series figures ready to roll out just in time for May the 4th!

As collectors have now found the entire new case pack in stores, we can confirm that the case ratios for Star Wars Black Series 40th Anniversary Collection Wave 2 are as follows:

(2) Black Series Jawa
(2) Black Series Death Squad Commander
(1) 40th Anniversary C-3PO
(1) 40th Anniversary Tusken Raider
(1) 40th Anniversary Stormtrooper
(1) 40th Anniversary Chewbacca

Vintage Black Series Wave 2 ReleasedAs far as case assortments go, I think that this is actually a pretty good one. The brand-new Jawa (thank God) and Death Squad Commander figures are packed at two-per-case, while the old repack figures (Stormtrooper, Chewbacca and Walgreens C-3PO) are all shortpacked at one per case.

The odd man (sorry, not being sexist–we know what Tusken Raider women look like now, after all) out is the 40th Anniversary Tusken Raider, which is now almost guaranteed to be the “rare” figure in this wave, as he’s a brand new figure with army-builder potential.

We know that the 6″ Tusken Raider will be re-released in the summer in the Lando and Hera Black Series wave, but that ultimately may not make the Vintage-carded version any easier to find.

Star Wars Black Series 40th Anniversary Collection Wave 2 ReleasedI’ll post an update here and to the Star Wars Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages once online retailers begin taking pre-orders for this new wave of Black Series figures. Since these are hitting stores now, I would anticipate that that will be happening sometime this week, so stay tuned.

Now that the hunt is on again, which of these 6″ 40th Anniversary Collection Black Series figures (if not all of them) are you most excited for, Star Wars collectors? Are you planning on army-building anyone in the wave, getting an extra set to display loose with the Legacy Vader stand, or passing on this wave of mostly-redone figures altogether?


Black Series 40th Anniversary Wave 2 Figures Released! — 6 Comments

    • That Vader will be back as a regular Black Series figure, but Vintage Carded is only with the Legacy stand.

  1. I hope to see wave 2 in stores in the Great White North starting tThursday May 4th. We’ll have to see if they are late hitting not unlike wave 1 . As for the figure to watch, I’d say Sandman for sure, and I’d think that most people will buy them with the Jawas. The Death Star trooper might end up being a chase figure. Look for variants to show up especially in the paint apps. Here’s hoping May the 4th will be with me .

  2. As usual, no Wave 1 in stores. GameStop actually was first in my area to have the Vader and stand. The Vader is a great figure, and the stand, I’m sorry to say, was pretty disappointing. The backdrop is flimsy and crooked…the sections with pegs should be available by themselves from Hasbro’s website, since they have never given us any stands. Not that all of the pegs even WORK with all of the figures…grumble grumble.

  3. has wave 2 up for preorder!!! Go get your case like I did!