6″ Black Series Riot Control Stormtrooper & Poe Dameron 2-Pack!

If you’ve read my review of the Star Wars Black Series Wave 2 Poe Dameron figure, you know that I think that the head on that figure is–quite frankly–godawful. I’m pretty sure a cat could paint that head better. But luckily, there is another (Poe)! A new hope for Poe fans has awakened: the exclusive 6″ Black Series Riot Control Stormtrooper & Poe Dameron two-pack has now been revealed!

Star Wars Black Series First Order Riot Control Stormtrooper & Poe Dameron Two-PackBy now Star Wars collectors are used to owning multiple versions of the main characters from each Star Wars movie, so it will come as no surprise that even though we’re still almost three months away from The Force Awakens hitting theaters, our first main character variant has now been fully-revealed!

Coming exclusively to Argos stores in the UK and Target stores in the United States, it’s the Star Wars Black Series 6″ Poe Dameron and Riot Control Stormtrooper set!

First off, let’s look at the “new” Poe Dameron 6″ figure in this set. This figure is a Resistance Uniform Poe Dameron, and looks to be a kitbash using Poe’s head and a Wave 1 Finn body. It’s not like this is the first time Star Wars protagonists have shared their clothes (Smuggler Lando, anyone?), so I’m okay with this.

At a glance I thought that this Poe figure was getting an all-new head, but the more I look at it, the more I think it’s just a vastly better-painted Wave 2 Poe Dameron head. I think improved paint apps make a huge difference, and if the final product comes out this well, I’ll definitely buy an extra of this set to use on my X-Wing Poe figure.

You also get a white and blue X-Wing helmet with this set, as compared to the black-and-red helmet that comes with the individual Poe Dameron figure. The helmets look great, and I’m thankful to get this other version.

Exclusive Black Series 6 Inch Poe Dameron Riot Control Stormtrooper SetOf course, Poe’s not coming alone, and the other figure in this twin-pack is probably the one most folks will be excited about: the 6 inch Star Wars Black Series Riot Control Stormtrooper! While we got a (hard-to-find) Riot Control Clonetrooper 4: action figure in the Clone Wars days, this is the first time we’ll be seeing an official Riot Control Stormtrooper, and also the first time any kind of riot control trooper has been released in the six inch scale.

This is basically just the First Order Stormtrooper mold with a couple new accessories, but the shield that harkens back to the McQuarrie concept art for the Stormtrooper definitely brings a smile to my face. Now all this Stormtrooper needs is a lightsaber!

This Black Series exclusive two-pack is expected to be released in Target stores for $39.99 by November 2015, and at Argos stores in the UK by January 2015. I’ll post an update to the Star Wars Toy News Facebook Page once more concrete details are available.

How do you like this first 6″ Force Awakens two-pack, Star Wars collectors? Are these figures must-have iterations for your shelves, or do these feel like money-grab rehashes to you that you can live without?


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