2017 Star Wars Celebration Orlando Pins Full List & Photos!

ReedPOP has been teasing the 2017 Star Wars Celebration Orlando Trading Pins set for months now, and with just over two weeks to go until the beginning of the show, the full lineup of all 40 pins has finally been released! If you want to complete your Star Wars Celebration 2017 pins set, I hope you’re ready for a bounty hunt ready for Boba Fett himself, because there are blind box pins, exhibitor exclusives, staff trading exclusives, 3-packs and more!

Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Trading Pins Complete ListThe complete list of 2017 Star Wars Celebration Trading Pins is as follows…

Road to Celebration Exclusive Two-Packs:
2. R2-D2 (SOLD OUT)
3. Dagobah Luke Skywalker 2 (SOLD OUT)
4. Yoda 2 (SOLD OUT)
5. Lando Calrissian 2 (SOLD OUT)
6. Admiral Ackbar 2 (SOLD OUT)

Star Wars Celebration Orlando Jedi 3-PackCelebration Store Jedi 3-Pack:
7. Obi-Wan Kenobi
8. Anakin Skywalker
9. Mace Windu:

Star Wars Celebration Pins 3-Pack Sith Darth MaulCelebration Store Sith 3-Pack:
10. Darth Maul
11. Count Dooku
12. Emperor Palpatine

Celebration Orlando Bounty Hunters Pins 3-Pack Boba Fett IG-88 BosskCelebration Store Bounty Hunter 3-Pack:
13. Boba Fett
14. IG-88
15. Bossk

Star Wars Celebration 2017 Rogue One Pins 3-PackCelebration Store Rogue One 3-Pack:
16. Jyn Erso
17. Cassian Andor
18. K-2SO

2017 Star Wars Celebration Women of Star Wars Pins 3-PackCelebration Store Women of Star Wars 3-Pack:
19. Princess Leia Organa
20. Rey
21. Sabine Wren

Celebration Orlando Pins Blind Boxes 2-PacksCelebration Store Blind Box 2-Packs:
22. Darth Vader
23. Jar Jar Binks
24. Chopper
25. Ezra Bridger
26. Grand Moff Tarkin
27. Chewbacca
28. Biker Scout
29. BB-8

Star Wars Celebration Orlando Han Solo Pin with Pin Trading LanyardCelebration Store Trading Pins Lanyard Exclusive:
30. Han Solo

Star Wars Celebration Orlando Stormtrooper PinCelebration Store $100 Purchase Incentive Pin:
31. Stormtrooper

Star Wars Celebration Orlando Ahsoka Pin Show Store ExclusiveCelebration Store $150 Purchase Incentive Pin:
32. Ahsoka TanoStar Wars Celebration 2017 Death Trooper Pin Staff TradeStaff Trading Pin:
33. Death Trooper

Star Wars Celebration 2017 Exhibitor Booth PinsExhibitor/Sponsor Pins:

34. Hera Syndulla (Gentle Giant Booth #3132)
35. Kylo Ren (Funko Booth #3444)
36. Finn(Sphero Booth #3214)
37. Zeb Orrelios (Think Geek Booth #2532)
38. Grand Admiral Thrawn (Del Rey Publishing Booth #2522)
39. Greedo (Kotobukiya Booth #3332)
40. Snowtrooper (EFX Booth #3832)

Details haven’t been revealed yet regarding pricing on the pin packs or the manner in which the exhibitor pins will be distributed (besides the Thrawn pin, which is free with purchase of the Celebration Exclusive “Thrawn” book; and the Kylo Ren pin which is free with any purchase from the Funko booth). I’ll update with that information once it’s available.

Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Trading Pins Complete ListBecause I’m a crazy person, I intend to be on the hunt to complete my pin set during Star Wars Celebration Orlando next month, and I’ll be updating with news and photos throughout the show on the Star Wars Toy News Twitter Feed and Facebook Page. Be sure to follow our social media if you’re interested in seeing and hearing about my Celebration 2017 experience first-hand!

Obviously, completing this set ain’t gonna be easy–and it sure as heck isn’t gonna be cheap! Are you up for this hunt, Star Wars Celebration attendees, or are you planning to take the casual approach and grab just a few of these pins (or perhaps none at all)?

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