Star Wars Black Series Princess Leia 6″ Figure Review (A New Hope)

Close-Up of Star Wars Black Series Princess Leia 6" Figure

Princess Leia Organa was literally at the bottom of my list of new Star Wars Black Series 6″ figures I was planning to open up and review, as my expectations for the figure were pretty low. But with the heartbreaking news of Carrie Fisher’s passing this week, I got nostalgic and ended up freeing the new Hasbro ANH Princess Leia 6″ figure from her plastic prison. And I’m glad that I did–while she’s not perfect, this Episode IV Leia Black Series figure (which, by the way, is now selling for a small fortune) is far better than I expected…

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Hasbro Star Wars 2017 4″ Figures Wave 1 Case Ratios & Pre-Order!


It’s been a wee bit quiet on the 4″ front since the Hasbro Star Wars Rogue One Wave 2 figures (including Director Krennic) were released back in October, but the wait for the next wave is coming to an end! The first 2017 Star Wars Universe wave of 4″ figures will be coming our way later this month, and it includes four new Rogue One figures, as well as the much-anticipated Rebels Thrawn figure and a repacked of a hotly-demanded figure…

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Star Wars Black Series Empire Strikes Back Snowtrooper Review

Black Series ESB Snowtrooper Figure Review

While the new Star Wars Black Series Darth Revan wave of 6″ figures has been starting to hit online retailers and local stores for about two weeks now, to date I’ve only found a mighty one figure from the set personally. I’ve been hoarding it for a few weeks waiting for the perfect day to open, photograph and review it–and that day is today! The winter snow has now arrived–and so has the new 6″ Black Series Empire Strikes Back Snowtrooper figure! The ESB Snowtrooper is going for big bucks online–is he worth it?

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Target Funko POP Young Anakin Skywalker Released!

Funko Anakin Skywalker POP Vinyls Released

I’ve been going a little crazy toy hunting for the past week because my absolute favorite Star Wars character ever is finally appearing in POP form. That’s right: Darth Vader… as a really annoying 10 year-old! Funko has been showing prequel lovers some love this year with three exclusive Star Wars POPs from the prequels. Thankfully, unlike Qui-Gon Jinn, we won’t have to win a lottery and fight a mob to get this one: it’s the Funko Young Anakin Skywalker POP Vinyls figure!

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