Star Wars Black Series Death Trooper Figure Review (Rogue One)

Black Series Death Trooper Review Rogue One

And so, the big day finally arrived: Force Friday 2016 and the worldwide launch of Star Wars Rogue One figures and collectibles! I staked out Walmart at midnight and then hit Target at 8AM, all in the name of getting all the Rogue One toys I had my eye on… and I did! Over the next few weeks I’ll be reviewing all of my favorite (and least favorite) new action figures, but let’s start with a review of perhaps today’s hottest release. The first shipment sold out online in under 5 minutes–do the 6″ Black Series Death Trooper figures live up to the hype?

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Exclusive Hasbro Black Series Shadow Stormtrooper Helmet!


UPDATE 9/30/2016: The Amazon Exclusive Black Series Shadow Stormtrooper Helmet is now up for order!

When the first three Hasbro Star Wars Rogue One toys went up for order at the start of the month, it wasn’t the 6″ Black Series Jyn Erso figure or the U-Wing vehicle that sold out first (in fact, those are still available for pre-order at discounted prices right now). No, it was the Black Series Electronic Stormtrooper helmet that quickly sold through. So clearly there’s quite a bit of buzz surrounding this wearable prop replica helmet. And Amazon intends to capitalize–the Amazon exclusive Black Series Shadow Stormtrooper helmet has now been revealed!

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Target Exclusive Jakks Unmasked Kylo Ren vs Rey 18″!


The day has almost arrived: In just two short nights we’ll all be lining up at our local Toys R Us stores for our first official opportunity to buy Star Wars Rogue One toys! But there’s some toys we won’t be able to get at the stroke of midnight… because they’re store exclusives for stores not opening at midnight! One of these items is a Target Exclusive addition to the popular line of low-priced Jakks Star Wars Big Figs: 18″ Unmasked Kylo Ren vs Rey figures!

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Funko Star Wars Rebels POP Vinyls Up for Order & Hi-Res Photos!


Last week, Funko made the flowers of love blossom in the hearts of Star Wars animated series fans when the Walgreens exclusive Helmeted Sabine and Hot Topic exclusive Ahsoka POPs were revealed. And today, the other shoe has dropped and the rest of the crew of the Ghost has arrived: the Funko Rebels POP Vinyls figures have now been fully revealed and are up for order, including Chopper, Ezra, Hera and Kanan Jarrus!

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NYCC 2016 Exclusive Funko POP Vinyls Qui-Gon Jinn & Bistan!


Funko Star Wars POP Vinyl collectors knew something was up when Gamestop stores cancelled thousands of pre-orders for the Qui-Gon Jinn POP Vinyl earlier this week, and now we know why.

The Star Wars NYCC 2016 Funko POP Vinyls exclusives have been announced: a Bistan from Rogue One and a sure-to-be-rare Qui-Gon Jinn POP Vinyl limited to just 2000 pieces produced!

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Star Wars 6″ Black Series Hovertank Pilot Figure Released!

Star Wars Black Series 6" Imperial Hovertank Pilot Exclusive Figure

Though we’re still a week away from the Star Wars Rogue One toys being officially released on Force Friday 2016, the monumental force (no pun intended) that is Rogue One toys simply cannot seem to be kept off store shelves. And so, this past week, another store-exclusive Black Series Rogue One figure began popping up in stores (and being scalped online). But now, it’s officially–Hasbro has now revealed the exclusive 6″ Black Series Imperial Hovertank Pilot figure!

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Funko Rebels Sabine POP Vinyls Walgreens Exclusive Revealed!


If there’s one thing that Funko fans love (or is it “love to hate”?), it’s Walgreens exclusives! But love them or hate them (or love to hate them), there’s no denying the Walgreens Funko POP Vinyls are some of the best-selling Star Wars POPs. And this fall, we can plus-one our collection of Funko Star Wars Walgreens collections, as the exclusive Funko Sabine POP Vinyl with helmet has now been revealed!

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Funko Smuggler’s Bounty Death Star Box Review Photos & Spoilers

Funko Smuggler's Bounty Death Star Box Review Spoilers

There are months when Funko misses the mark with their specialty subscription boxes. Thankfully, this is not one of them! Just in time for the hugely-hyped Smuggler’s Bounty Rogue One box to go up for order, the much-anticipated Funko Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty Death Star Box has now arrived–and it may be the best Star Wars box yet! Read on for my photos, review and full spoilers for the Death Star Box…

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Hasbro Rogue One Wave 2 Figures Packaged Photos!

Star Wars Rogue One Chirrut Imwe Figure Packaged Hasbro

Now that the Nexu is out of the bag regarding all of the Star Wars Rogue One toys and figures that will be in stores for Force Friday at the end of this month, it’s time to look ahead and check out some of the figures coming our way later this fall!

Today, let’s look at the Hasbro 4″ Star Wars Rogue One Wave 2 figures assortment, which will bring us five new Rogue One figures–including the first Chirrut Imwe and Darth Vader–and more!

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Rogue One Black Series Director Krennic & Scarif Trooper Photos!

Star Wars Black Series Director Krennic Figure Hasbro

They say that “when it rains, it pours”, and we’re being hit with such a flood of Star Wars news this week that we might as well be living on Utapau! The latest news to break is our first images of two previously-unseen (and technically still unannounced) Hasbro 6″ Star Wars Rogue One figures from Rogue One Black Series Wave 2: Director Krennic and a Scarif Stormtrooper figures!

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