Funko Smuggler’s Bounty Cantina Box: Two New POP Molds!

Funko Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty Cantina Box

Though only two Funko Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty boxes have been released thus far, I’ve heard no shortage of grumbling about the presence of a “repainted” POP! Vinyls figure in each of the first two boxes. But take heart, POP Vinyl lovers–Funko has heard the fans and is giving them what they want: the March Smuggler’s Bounty Cantina box will contain two Star Wars POP Vinyls with 100% new molds!

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LEGO Star Wars Force Awakens DE with Stormtrooper Finn!

LEGO Star Wars Force Awakens Deluxe Edition Video Game with Stormtrooper Finn Minifigure

We’ve known about the existence of a LEGO Stormtrooper Finn Minifigure since before any of the LEGO Force Awakens sets were meant to be seen. But we didn’t know how or where this exclusive FN-2187 Finn was going to be sold. As it turns out, he’s not going to be sold at all (at least, not exactly): the Stormtrooper Finn is a bonus with the PS4/XBox One LEGO Star Wars Force Awakens Deluxe Edition Video Game! If the lightning-fast sell-outs of most collector’s edition games these days is any indication, you might wanna lock in your order for this one fast…!

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Star Wars Tsum Tsum Plush Wave 1 Revealed & Release Date!

Star Wars Tsum Tsums Series 1 Poster February 2016

Ever since the Disney Tsum Tsum plush toys became red-hot in the United States, Disney hasn’t been able to keep a single secret with their impending releases. As such, before the line of Star Wars Tsum Tsums plush toys could even be announced, photos of a ton of the mini plush leaked out. The only surprise left was which Tsum Tsum Star Wars toys would come out first and when they would be up for order: and now we know the answer to both of those questions!

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