Star Wars Black Series 4″ Rey Finn Poe Figures Revealed!

Walmart Star Wars Black Series Rey Jakku Packaged

It’s a topsy-turvy world out there when the most exciting news for many fans that comes out on the day of a midnight Star Wars toy launch is that the action figures that they actually want will be available weeks (or months) later as a limited retail store exclusive.

But that’s just what happened on Force Friday, and less than a month later, the Black Series 4″ Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron figures have now been revealed!

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6″ Black Series Riot Control Stormtrooper & Poe Dameron 2-Pack!

Star Wars Black Series First Order Riot Control Stormtrooper & Poe Dameron Two-Pack

If you’ve read my review of the Star Wars Black Series Wave 2 Poe Dameron figure, you know that I think that the head on that figure is–quite frankly–godawful. I’m pretty sure a cat could paint that head better. But luckily, there is another (Poe)! A new hope for Poe fans has awakened: the exclusive 6″ Black Series Riot Control Stormtrooper & Poe Dameron two-pack has now been revealed!

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Star Wars 6″ Black Series Poe Dameron Review & Photos

Star Wars Black Series Poe Dameron Review

I’ve got a serious weakness for toys that are orange (no, really), so I’ve favored toys of X-Wing pilots my entire life. And while the X-Wing pilot look to be turning more red for Star Wars The Force Awakens, there was no way I could pass up the Black Series 6″ Poe Dameron X-Wing Pilot figure when Amazon had it in-stock last week.

But although the X-Wing flight suit itself is pretty excellent, unfortunately this figure has a fatal flaw: its head…

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Kotobukiya Star Wars Exclusive Utapau Clone Trooper Statue!

Koto Utapaun Clone Trooper Exclusive ARTFX Statue

At San Diego Comic-Con 2015, Kotobukiya revealed their Star Wars Barnes & Noble exclusive ARTFX+ statues for the year. One is the silver TC-14 protocol droid I discussed previously, and the other one is a clone of a different color–literally!

Coming this November, it’s Barnes & Noble’s first non-droid exclusive (and a statue I could have swore I already owned): the Kotobukiya Utapaun Clone Trooper ARTFX+ statue!

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Kotobukiya Star Wars TC-14 ARTFX+ Exclusive Statue!

Koto TC-14 Exclusive Star Wars ARTFX Statue

In 2014, Kotobukiya found an unlikely partner to carry their exclusive Star Wars ARTFX+ statues: the Barnes and Noble book store chain, which hosted the ever-popular R2-C4 and R2-M5 statues! And following up on last year’s best-selling pair of Astromech Droids, Barnes and Noble is now getting their own special protocol droid–and this one’s a woman (or at least as feminine as a protocol droid can get!): the Kotobukiya Star Wars TC-14 ARTFX+ statue has now been revealed!

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Funko Fabrikations Wicket, Princess Leia & Stormtrooper!

Funko Fabrikations Star Wars Stormtrooper Wicket Princess Leia

As we are now exactly three months and one day away from the release of Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens (and counting!), I anticipate that we’re going to start seeing new Star Wars collectibles unveiled or released pretty much every single day.

And today, Funko debuted some mixed media figures I did not see coming: the Funko Fabrikations Princess Leia, Stormtrooper and Wicket the Ewok are now up for order!

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Star Wars 6″ Black Series Shock Trooper Figure Revealed!

Star Wars Black Series Imperial Shocktrooper 6 Inch Figure Packaged

Repaints are a fact of life in today’s action figure collecting world, and there’s pretty much no franchise that makes itself more suitable to be repainted than modern Star Wars!

We’ve already gotten a number of clone and Stormtrooper repaints as part of the Star Wars 6″ Black Series, and now we can add another to the list: an exclusive 6″ Black Series Shock Trooper figure is on the way!

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Star Wars 6″ Black Series Guavian Enforcer Review & Photos

Guavian Enforcer Black Series Six Inch Figure Close-Up

It’s been over a decade since I’ve gotten excited about buying Star Wars action figures of characters I’ve never seen or heard of outside of new toys, but that time has finally come once again! The Star Wars Black Series 6″ Guavian Enforcer was available online briefly last week (before selling out blaster bolt-fast), and man, am I ever glad I was fast enough to snag one: the Guavian Enforcer just might be my favorite figure that Hasbro has released in the Black Series yet!

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PZ-4C0 Star Wars Force Awakens 4″ Figure Revealed!

Star Wars PZ-4C0 Figure Episode VII The Force Awakens

Wow, droids of the Star Wars world sure have changed between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, huh? First we find out that astromech droids have evolved to the point where they look like little soccer balls with a head, and now we see that new-age protocol droids have become, well… terrifying! Word leaked out on Force Friday that a Hasbro 4″ PZ-4C0 figure was on the way, and after a grueling week and a half of waiting, he’s now been revealed…

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Exclusive Star Wars Black Series Imperial Forces Figures Set!

EE Exclusive Black Series Star Wars Imperial Forces 4-Pack

As hard as Disney tried to keep the fall lineup of Star Wars toys under the wraps, virtually every new item coming this fall leaked out ahead of Force Friday anyway. But what was successfully kept secret in many cases was the retailer exclusives–including what may just be my favorite 6″ Black Series item has far! Featuring the first-ever Crimson Stormtrooper figure and R2-Q5, the exclusive Star Wars Black Series Imperial Forces box set is now up for order!

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